January 2009 31
Super Bowl picks are in!
Posted By : Marc

I was holding off on making my picks but noticed that the spread on the game went to the Steelers – 6.5.  6.5 was my trigger and I pulled it and parlayed with the under

January 2009 27
Are Fantasy Games Gambling?
Posted By : Marc

ESPN‘s Streak for the Cash is a fantasy sports game with great prizes.  I don’t think this  is really gambling because there is no wagering involved.  However, the action allows for a similar rush because

January 2009 25
Slot Payout Percentage
Posted By : Marc

Slot machine payout percentage is something that I’ve always wanted to know since I like playing the occasional slot machine. Here’s are the most recent monthly percentages of places I like to travel to: Atlantic

January 2009 22
Caesars Palace Expansion on hold
Posted By : Marc

I just got the official press release from Harrah’s with confirmation that Caesars Palace in Las Vegas has put a hold on the construction of Octavious Tower.  Here’s the release in it’s entirety. LAS VEGAS

January 2009 16
$20 Trick – Las Vegas
Posted By : Marc

I was advised to take a look at Front Desk Tip after my last trip to Las Vegas.  The premise is simple.  Slip the front desk person $20 at check in and ask for an