May 2009 25
4 Hour Roll In Craps
Posted By : Marc

Wow.  Just Wow!  This weekend, in her second time playing craps, a New Jersey woman broke a record with a 4 hour-long roll of the dice in craps at Borgata.  He turn lasted 154 rolls.

May 2009 20
3 Card Poker Strategy
Posted By : Marc

After my trip to Las Vegas I realized that I played 3 card poker more than any other table game.  This isn’t normal for me as I usually mix games up, but it’s how the

May 2009 12
Vegas Report – Last Night
Posted By : Marc

…Sometimes naps have a good rejuvenating effect and sometimes they just make me more tired.  This nap was somewhere closer to making me more tired.  When I woke up I decided to try to start