Will Cosmopolitan Join SLS Las Vegas As Part Of Hilton’s Curio?

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Suite
Cosmopolitan Suite – Now THAT’S luxury

Yesterday Hilton announced a new brand of hotels for a collection called Curio. The collection was “Created for travelers who seek local discovery and authentic experiences, Curio will be a carefully selected, global collection of distinctive four to five star hotels.”

Sounds cool, but is Curio really going to be what they say? Not if you look at their first Las Vegas hotel. 

Curio will be a part of the Hilton HHonors loyalty club and start with only 4 properties in the collection. It’s strange that SLS Las Vegas is a part of this collection since they’ve been said that they’re not a luxury hotel. SLS PR people have been calling the hotel “accessible luxury” since the project was announced a few years ago. When I hear “accessible luxury”, I think “shabby chic” or “cheap fancy” or “nice stuff at bargain prices” – NOT luxury.

On the flip side of cheap luxury there’s the Cosmopolitan which is 100% luxury in every way. The Cosmo hotel has the highest average daily room rate in Vegas, it has high-end shopping and dining, it’s home to the #1 nightclub (Marquee) in the entire country where they’ll deliver you a bottle of booze by Drone.

The Cosmo oozes cutting edge and luxury from every inch of the property. It’s already rumored that the Cosmo will be a part of the Hilton system. The Cosmopolitan fits the description of Curio to a tee.

Will the Cosmopolitan end up as a Curio hotel? Does it matter where it stands in the Hilton HHonors ecosystem?