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Vegas Strip Traffic Makes Cabs $30 per Hour

Damn, that’s slow drive across the Las Vegas strip in traffic gets billed at $30 per hour!?  I’ve never realized that before.  Thankfully insane cab fees are going to be reviewed next week.

When cabs slow to less than 12 mph, wait time is assessed at $30 an hour, or 20 cents for every 24 seconds the cab is stopped or running at the low speed.

Another major issue being looked at next week are “long hauls” from Mccarran Airport to strip hotels.

Long-hauling occurs when a customer hires a taxi at McCarran International Airport, usually asking to go to a Strip or downtown location, and is taken there by way of the airport connector tunnel.

The Taxicab Authority has regulations prohibiting the practice, but there are exceptions that allow drivers to take their customers the longer, more expensive route.

Cab drivers always get angry when I tell cabs at McCarran to please avoid the tunnel.  Some get upset because they won’t do that and some because they want to make a quick buck.  I hate having to do that, but it’s worth remembering to save a few bucks to buy another drink.  In general cab drivers don’t mess with me when I tell them I’m from New York, but I’m sure I’ve been taken out of my way for no reason.

Hopefully the zoned fare proposal and other ideas are seriously looked at so that the cab drivers can’t take unsuspecting tourists on a ride that costs them way more than it should.

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