EDGe Vegas Gamble Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em Strategy

Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em Strategy

I’ve played Ultimate Texas Hold Em once in Atlantic City when I couldn’t get on a cheap blackjack table with my friends.  I turned $100 into $300 in a few minutes.  Pretty sweet.  I have no idea what I was doing and how to play the game.

Every time I walk through the tables at the casino these tables are empty.  I guess people don’t really know how to play or the game isn’t fun or the house edge is so big that people stay away from it or all of the above.

Wizard of Odds just published their strategies for Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em and the house edge is pretty massive.

Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em has a house edge of 3.488%. Optimal strategy, which has never been put in writing, has a house edge of 2.185%.

By comparison, the hated 6:5 blackjack has a house edge of at least 1.78%.

I’ll continue to stay away from a game that isn’t fun and that I don’t understand and that has a fairly large house edge.  Take a look at Wizard of Odds strategy guide if you do play the game.

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