SHFL Clones Little Cat For New Shuffle Machines

Little Cat
Little Cat!

I’m back from my short east coast/G2E vacation and boy are my arms tired. G2E was a lot of walking and talking while the east coast was a lot of driving. You can see much of my G2E coverage on Vegas Chatter and there is still more to come.

Most of my trip was away from casinos and gaming but I did end in Atlantic City. My east coast trip began in Pennsylvania. This portion of my east coast trip I spent a couple of days around the Lancaster area with my parents. They took me to a milk farm for dessert one night where we had some ice cream. That’s where I met Little Cat (above) and some of the cows that provided milk for our ice cream. Sitting out on the patio of this house was a nice relaxing end to the evening and Little Cat just added to the fun.

When I made it to Atlantic City I played 3 card poker for a few hours. The 3 card poker shuffle machines get stuck pretty often but this machine didn’t. My friends and I joked that SHFL (formerly Shufflemaster) was cloning little cats to run their shuffle machines and that’s why they were working. Our awesome dealer, Billy, wouldn’t confirm this but he wouldn’t deny it.

Billy did pay me a couple purple chips when I got 3 of a kind dealt to me and 4 of a kind with one of his cards on the Caesars bonus bet. He got paid nicely too as I had a $5 tip bet out since I had a straight on the hand before. I always seemed to win when I tipped. Good karma.