EDGe Vegas Gamble Nevada Helps Legal Online Sports Betting Move Forward

Nevada Helps Legal Online Sports Betting Move Forward

If you read ECG regularly, you know I love sports betting.  I’m a sports geek and love it, so it’s fun to have a little action in the game.  This week there was a major decision that could help online sports betting become legal in the USA, but it all starts in Nevada.

The Nevada Gaming Commission recently came to a crucial decision that will make online sports gambling in the state legal in the near future. The Commission rendered its approval of a project developed by the Leroy Group. The “Leroy App”, as the program is being called, will permit Nevada residents to post sports wagers from their cellular phones.

This is a major point of action as it sets a precedent for legal online sports betting.  I don’t see anything happening quickly in other states, but this is the first step in that happening.

Thankfully, I’m in Nevada now and get bet on sports online legally with Station Sports Connection whenever I want.  I can also grab lunch and play video poker and make my bets at Red Rock Casino, which is right down the road.

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