My Favorite Part Of Downtown Grand

Downtown Grand Las Vegas Hotel Lobby
Downtown Grand Lobby

I spent much of the day Monday exploring Downtown Grand. I have mixed feelings on the HOTEL casino. Overall I love the vibe and decor. Downtown Grand, like Cosmopolitan before and SLS Las Vegas next year is a hotel that has a casino.

There are 16 restaurants and 650 hotel rooms that are a part of Downtown Grand complex. There are about 10-15 gaming tables and a very small sportsbook with just 12 chairs. Gaming is an amenity. It’s not the focus for Downtown Grand.

That’s just the way the Las Vegas casino market is today. The casino resort I grew up loving is changing into a hotel casino. I might as well get used to it and enjoy it for what it is.

The photo above ia a couple of huge leather chairs and a piece of art constructed of hundreds of dice in the lobby. The chairs are so comfortable that I could have sat there waiting for other people to take pictures for hours.

Downtown Grand is a beautiful hotel that I can enjoy. I’m not sure I’ll gamble much at Downtown Grand but I’ll certainly enjoy some drinks and wifi in one of those chairs.

I have pictures on the ECG Tumblr but you should check out the awesome coverage on Vital Vegas and Vegas Chatter.