More Evil Vegas

Yeah! I found more evil (haunted in this case) in Las Vegas. Halloween in November continues! Unfortunately, there’s no Iron Maiden needed here. Although we’re close to “The Number of The Beast”. I recently found reddit and have fun in the various Las Vegas and gaming boards.

Yesterday I saw noticed a post about a potentially haunted house. As I said yesterday, I don’t mess with the supernatural so I won’t post a picture of this haunted house. However, it seems to be located across the street from the estate owned by WAYNE NEWTON I figured I’d show that instead. The house is located at 6660 Pecos Road. Here’s the question posed on reddit.

The address is 6660 Pecos Road, right across the street from Wayne Newton’s pad. Google that address and go into street view. WTF is going on?

The only info I came across about the house’s history was that a teenage girl was kidnapped by bikers and brought to the house. She was ritualized and killed and supposedly the cops found satanic markings written in blood on the floors and walls.

I gotta check this place out now!

On the post comments people are saying that this is urban legend, but the house is part of a haunted Vegas tour so who knows the truth. Regardless of this house being haunted I’ve never been to this area and there seem to be a lot of cool old houses in the area, including Mike Tyson‘s house.

Being from the east coast I’m fascinated by “old money” on the west coast. I found an old money area just outside of the north end of the Vegas strip and was loving it. Coincidentally (or not) these little areas of old money seem to be surrounded by poverty. I will have to check this out.

Photo – Fox News

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