EDGe Vegas Gamble “Money Talks” On CNBC Previews

“Money Talks” On CNBC Previews

Steve Stevens From "Money Talks" Is A Sports Tout

Steve Stevens Is A Sports Tout

CNBC has a page on their website for Money Talks a sports betting docu-drama. By including drama in the description CNBC is intimating that the show isn’t real so take it for what it is.

“Money Talks” is being aired to entertain and not to show real life. I have a preview of the first episode and it makes being a sports betting tout look like a stock broker similar to the stock brokers in the movie “Trading Places“. The show begins on Tuesday September 10 at 9pm. (Note: Videos may not work on iPhone or iPad)

“Money Talks” Preview

“I’m A Bookie Killer”

“The excitement of gambling”

“Steve’s girlfriend visits”

‘Make a ton, spend a ton!’

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