Lucille’s BBQ and Other Changes At Red Rock Casino

Gather around…it’s story time!

You may or may not know that I live in Las Vegas now. When I moved to Vegas I visited the casinos in the area (Suncoast, Rampart & Red Rock) and decided to choose one as my “Home Casino” to focus my play so I could maximize comps. Red Rock Casino won. In fact, I’m writing this blog sitting the the food court at Red Rock Casino. See…

Red Rock Food Court

Before I moved to Vegas my first visit to Red Rock Casino was shortly after it first opened for one reason and one reason only – to visit the Vegas outlet of one of the best BBQ joints in America, Salt Lick BBQ. My friends and I were OK paying the $60 cab ride from the strip for what we expected to be the best BBQ we could find in town. Well Salt Lick BBQ wasn’t good. In fact, it was so bad that it closed pretty quickly after that visit.

A bad meal isn’t the worst thing for people that like to drink and gamble. It’s easy to over-eat BBQ and get food coma. We didn’t have that problem with Salt Lick. That gave us room to rumble in the casino. We loved Red Rock Casino and played for longer than we expected before returning to the strip.

I’m happy to have Red Rock as my home casino and I’m stoked for some of the upcoming changes.

Lucille’s Smokehouse

Life comes somewhat full circle as BBQ returns to Red Rock Casino with Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ coming next summer.

Lucille’s is a small chain of BBQ restaurants on the west coast. There are 16 restaurants in the chain and their Henderson location is said to have the best BBQ in Las Vegas. As much as I like BBQ, I haven’t made it there and probably never will with this location opening. I tend to stay away from Henderson. More on that another time.

Red Rock Cabo

Lucille’s will be taking the place of , Cabo, a Mexican restaurant and the only restaurant I’ve never been to at Red Rock Casino. I’m sure there’s some kind of deep meaning to that but I’m not going figure out what it is.

Cabo is already closed. The press says that Lucille’s is set to open in summer 2013, but I’m told it should be finished before then. Hopefully that means it opens sooner too…gimme some BBQ for football season!

Lucky Bar

Lucky Bar is the center bar at Red Rock Casino. If you’ve played blackjack or any of the tables, it’s the bar that the tables surround.

Lucky Bar has been closed for a couple of weeks and is currently being renovated. I’m told that the new feel to Lucky Bar will have more of a lounge atmosphere than a normal. Lucky Bar should be open soon. Hopefully they keep the video poker bar.

I’ll do some more digging on the video poker because Cabo also has video poker. I believe both are hooked into the progressive jackpot.

Free Wifi

On my most recent visits to Red Rock Casino I’ve noticed an option for free wifi throughout the casino. It was previously only available in the lobby. I checked in with Station Casinos to see if free wifi at Red Rock Casino was permanent and it is!

In fact a handful of the Station Casinos properties already have free wifi and the rest will come on board soon!

You probably know that I’m stoked for free wifi. I rarely work at a desk and I’m always in need of being connected so this gives me another excuse to spend time and money at the casino. Actually, it probably gives me an excuse to use more comps on iced coffee from Starbucks.

With so many people being owning smartphones and tablets and wanting to be connected at all times I find it silly that every hotel in Las Vegas doesn’t offer offer free property-wide wifi. In a shrinking business hotels should do everything in their power to keep the customer on site.


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