EDGe Vegas Gamble Linemakers Gets a Thumbs Up

Linemakers Gets a Thumbs Up

When you are just talking who is going to win or lose a football game, it can often get pretty boring. There are a few good games each week, but for the most part it’s one good team against one not-so-good team and the team that should win is fairly clear. Because of this, sports commentary often likes to talk about winners and losers against the spread rather than dead even. But this is about as close to the world of gambling as mainstream media is willing to get. That is until recently when Discovery Theater HD started airing the show Linemakers.

Linemakers is a fairly low budget operation that has casino odds-makers sitting in a forum-like setting at South Point. When the show first aired I thought it was going to be about the line-makers and how they do their jobs and set lines. But I was happily surprised that it’s going to be a weekly commentary about how the casinos and bettors fared during the previous week’s sporting events.

It’s very interesting to hear which games killed the casinos and which ones even the sharps had wrong. The show isn’t very visually stimulating but from a content standpoint is pretty interesting. Anyone who enjoys wagering on sporting events and would like to know how the public wagered and the effects there-of would be wise to tune into this show. I don’t know how long it’ll be on since it is so low budget and on such a random network (Velocity/Discovery), but for the time being it is the only show to talk about sports solely from the gambling side.

(ED: This show is great background noise if you like sports talk like I do.)

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