EDGe Vegas Gamble Jimmy Kimmel Talks Total Rewards

Jimmy Kimmel Talks Total Rewards

Jimmy Kimmel did a promotional video for Total Rewards the players club for Caesars Entertainment. It’s cute, but so what?

As someone that has been a customer of Caesars Entertainment for years and gambles and stays at their properties I’m not impressed with their money going towards relaunching Total Rewards. I’d much rather see Caesars use the money they paid to Jimmy Kimmel or the artists that performed for the Escape to Total Rewards Concerts spent on upgrading their hotels or upgrading my casino experience.

Call me crazy, but I’d rather see housekeeping that actually cleans the room not just makes the beds. I’d also like complementary wifi. They could upgrade their email system to be as efficient as snail mail and not kill thousands of trees a week. Maybe Diamond Lounges could serve a better grade of vodka. I’m sure I could spend this money many different ways.

This campaign geared towards generating new customers, not for current customers. However, any business should be spending as much time, effort and money keeping their current customers happy as they are looking to acquire new customers.

When it’s all said and done, how does this make Total Rewards better? It doesn’t.

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