If 85% Of Your Friends Jumped Off The Empire State Building…

Fremont Street Concert Outside of The D Las Vegas
Fremont Street Concert Outside of The D

“If 85% of your friends jumped off the Empire State Building would you?”

This is what my mother would say to me in her thick Bronx accent if I gave an excuse of that my friends were doing something that we shouldn’t be doing. That’s the kind of excuse Derek Stevens gave in justifying adding a $20 resort fee to hotel reservations at The D.

The D Resort Fee

The D has been positioning itself with the big boys of Las Vegas hotels and adding a resort fee puts them in step. That’s fine. It’s their hotel and they can charge what they want. As a consumer you have the right to choose whether or not you wish to pay it.

I will probably pay this resort fee because I like The D and adding $20 to a $40 hotel still keeps The D in line with similar hotels in Downtown Vegas. If there are better prices elsewhere, I’ll just crash somewhere else. Chances are that I’ll still do the much of my gambling at The D because I like gambling there.

The attitude of “since everyone is doing it so will we” is not the way the story was built at The D. They were independent and doing things their own way. That was part of the attraction to The D. I understand why The D added a resort fee but I just find this attitude (the little you can take from a few sentences) disappointing and unexpected. I hope this isn’t a sign of bigger changes in the future.

Photo: Haute Living

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