One of the fun things about living in Las Vegas is that my eyes are wandering towards things I wouldn’t have looked at when I was back east.

Case in point Hooters Casino.  My only memory of Hooters is when my friends ditched me at Hard Rock a few years ago to go there.  Thankfully I didn’t go because a friend of mine got pink eye.

Generally, my head is on a swivel when I’m gambling and when I’m webbing around.  I hear a strange noise and my head turns.  I see a pretty girl and my head turns.

One day last week I got a tweet from Hooters model, Miss February, Theresa Trujillo at Vegas Tweets.  Obviously, that turned my head and I learned that If you’re in Vegas today and/or tomorrow you can meet some of the Hooters calendar girls at the casino.

I won’t be able to make it and I’m sure I won’t be missed as there are still plenty of rodeo dudes that will be stopping by.  For reference here’s a better look Miss February.

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