Harrah’s Las Vegas Diamond Clubs

I was reading the latest Seven Stars Insider and found a couple interesting bits about Harrah’s Diamond Clubs in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Diamond Clubs
It’s official. . .you now can take out your favorite cocktail (in a plastic cup) from the four Diamond Clubs in Las Vegas.  The policy was quietly changed about a month ago.  Up until then, only beer and bottled water were allowed out of the clubs – unless, of course, you were able to sneak one past the employee at the door.  [Some folks were known to ask the bartenders to fill an empty Perrier or water bottle with gin or vodka, or decant their clear drinks themselves.]  It’s about time.  Most other Diamond Clubs allow drinks to be taken out; plus, it seems to me that Harrah’s would prefer their customers to be out on the casino floor rather than warming a seat in the club.

Sports Bar or Diamond Club?
It’s bad enough that nearly every television in the Vegas Diamond Clubs (and practically every other club in the country) is tuned to ESPN or some other sporting event, but, according to one of the bartenders at Caesars Palace, the TV over the bar must be tuned to sports.  The “policy” came to light recently when two customers sitting at the bar asked for the channel to be switched to CNN.  [The other two sitting at the bar didn’t care which channel was on.]  Whatever happened to listening to the customer?

I never realized that drinks couldn’t be taken out of the Las Vegas Diamond Clubs.  I usually go to a Diamond Club to relax and have a drink or three.  Maybe I’m abnormal.  I don’t just look for a free drink to take with me.  I also don’t visit the clubs for a meal.

Also, the new rule that the Diamond Clubs have to show sports is awesome.  Unlike Daryl I hate when there’s anything else on.  I’m a sports junkie and will watch anything sports related so this is cool for me.  However, thinking more broad-based, this is pretty closed minded.  Like he says “what ever happened to listening to the customer” if someone wants to watch something else and nobody else minds?

The Diamond clubs are supposed to be a touch above typical service.  This seems as if it’s closer to the mediocre Harrah’s customer service many have come to know over the years.

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