Golden Gate Casino Renovation Closing & Reopening Times

Golden Gate Casino

You may have heard that the Golden Gate Casino is closing for renovations August 20 – August 25. If you haven’t heard about the changes you can see the details on Front Desk Tip.

Thanks to a question on twitter, I now have the exact closing and opening times for Golden Gate renovations.

Closing for renovation: August 20 at 1 pm

Opening to the public: August 25 at 12 pm

I hope to be at the Golden Gate when it reopens on the 25th to share pictures and videos. Tweet me @MeltzVegas if there’s anything particular you’d like me to capture.

Hopefully, I can get a new version of this video.

Greatest Craps Dealer Ever!

This retired vine of Al at Golden Gate dancing to Pitbull is the best vine ever! Additionally, this is the best craps game in Las Vegas.

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