Gold Fish 3 Slot Machines Hit Red Rock Resort

Gold Fish 3 Slot Machine At Red Rock Resort Las Vegas
Gold Fish 3 Slot Machine

There aren’t many slot machines that make me feel more like an old lady than the Gold Fish series. In part I don’t play the Gold Fish slot machines for this reason very often. The other reason I don’t play Gold Fish very often is that I haven’t liked any of the slots in this series since the original release.

Before grabbing lunch at Red Rock Resort yesterday I noticed that they recently installed a bank of Gold Fish 3 slot machines by WMS Gaming. The game has been out for a while but I haven’t seen it before.

There were two women playing (go figure) and their games were making lots of noise so I figured that I’d drop a bill in and see how the game was. Gold Fish 3 is fun. There are lots of bonuses to keep the game going and the game is big, bright and loud. All features I enjoy in a slot machine.

I enjoyed the original Gold Fish slot machine but haven’t liked any of the games since and stopped playing the series all together. I will definitely play Gold Fish 3 again. Check out the promo video below.

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