Get Some Vegas History At Home or In Vegas

We all like Las Vegas in different ways. Some people like today’s Vegas and some people like the old Vegas. I’m somewhere in the middle. I like seeing old Vegas go away and making a new Vegas (See theĀ BOOM series). That’s happening right now. It’s kind of awesome to watch while people get bent out of shape about the changes.

There are a couple of cool Vegas history things happening right now. One you can see from home and one you can see on your next trip to Vegas.

  • Online – You can check out Dreaming the Skyline. A pictorial look at Las Vegas. There are a ton of pictures hereĀ and will keep you busy for minutes!
  • In Vegas – You can catch the “Lost Vegas: Bulldozed & Imploded Casinos of the Las Vegas Valley” exhibit at the Clark County Museum through August 26. You’ll find more details here.

This reiterates that I’m not so big on Vegas history – I made it through two pages of Vegas pictures before I got bored and moved on. It’s cool, I just don’t care enough.

That said, I may try to get out to the Clark County Museum for this. It’s a way to kill a day and stay out of the heat. If they have covered parking, consider this a done deal!

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