Get Ready To Say Goodbye To Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Las Vegas Fountains
Monte Carlo Fountains

Way back in February, Vital Vegas was the first website that I saw mention that the Monte Carlo would be changing names. The hotel has pretty much been entirely been de-themed of its Monte Carlo roots over the past couple years of construction so a name change made sense.

I snapped the picture above of the fountain that used to be located near the Vegas Strip entrance a couple of days before it was removed. Today there’s very little that makes you think about Monte Carlo when you look at the property.

With that in mind it should come as no surprise that the name of the hotel didn’t test well with MGM Resorts customers since there hasn’t been any Monte Carlo at Monte Carlo for a couple of years:

(MGM Resorts, CEO, Jim) Murren said that after the Park project began moving forward, MGM did “a number” of studies and focus groups and found that the Monte Carlo brand did not resonate with customers as well as other MGM properties did.

Jim Murren went on to tell Vegas Inc. the following about Monte Carlo:

“a name change is almost a certainty.” MGM is evaluating the resort’s non-gaming amenities to determine what the rebranded Monte Carlo could look like, he said.

The name change made sense in February and makes even more sense today as Monte Carlo continues construction on new restaurants and a sports book. It makes sense for MGM Resorts to prepare that they will have an entirely new name for this almost entirely new hotel as new outlets begin to open next year.

The next question here is which bland SEO driven name will they choose? Maybe MGM Resorts will sell the name of the hotel to a company like Toshiba like they did the plaza by the new arena.

Photo: Vegas Photo Blog

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