Gambling In The Streets

Downtown Grand Rendering
Downtown Grand Rendering

When I first heard about Downtown Grand opening next year I was stoked for multiple reasons. Between the new bars, restaurants and the new hotel the plans for this downtown casino seem as big as a lot of the Vegas strip casino openings. In total, Vegas Chatter says there will be 17 bars and restaurants as part of Downtown Grand but that’s not the most exciting part of Downtown Grand.

Downtown Grand’s gaming can and will spill onto Third Street. Third Street between the coming Pizza Rock(taking over the Celebrity Theater) and the Downtown Grand is privately owned. Executives say they have the licensing to bring gaming to the streets and will do so. And, that includes table games and slots.

That’s right…gambling in the streets! A couple of weeks ago I wrote that my dream casino bar would be outdoors and this almost makes that dream come true. While not specifically a bar with TV’s outside there will be gaming in the warm summer nights.

Even though the initial renderings don’t show 3rd street being closed off to automobile traffic I have to imagine that it will be at some point. It doesn’t make good sense to have blackjack and craps tables rolled out into the street for a beautiful night of gaming if there’s potential for cars to drive by. Although the image of this Wayne’s World scene with casino games if fun…GAME ON!