Fox News Doesn’t Get Vegas

Every now and then a news article comes along that just misses the boat entirely.  Fox News published this article the other day, crediting party pits as a reason for increased visitation in Las Vegas.  The article calls out the Pussycat Dolls Pit at Caesars Palace and Pleasure Pit at Planet Hollywood as examples of new themed areas of casinos that draw in more patrons.

I’ve always found these party pits interesting.  I understand the draw, but do people really get drawn into a casino because the Pussy Cat Dolls pit is inside?  Furthermore, would they not visit if these lounges didn’t exist?  I don’t think these lounges bring more people to Vegas, I just think they encourage a certain demographic to play at that specific table, rather than a different one.

The article fails to mention that with the economy rebounding slightly and overall vacationing up, it stands to reason that Vegas visitation would increase.  Another thing it fails to mention is how these party pits tend to have worse odds for the player, including the much hated 6:5 “blackjack”.

I do think that it’s important for casinos to be creative to maintain their customers and that these pits are a way to do that.  They fit in well with the type of patron that Caesars and Planet Holly wood are going for.  But I think people that people who enjoy these pits would go to Vegas anyway, even if there weren’t scantily dressed women dealing and dancing in the casino pit.  The next person I meet who travels to Vegas solely for a party pit will be the first.

(ED: Here’s a tale from the PCD Pit last year.)

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