Fighting Resort Fees…And Winning

At first, I wasn’t so bothered by resort fees but after my recent trip to Las Vegas that changed.  So, it brings me great pleasure to find an blog that shows how a customer at Treasure Island fought back against resort fees…and won!

Yesterday, he sent me an update:

A letter from American Express stated, “OUTCOME – This dispute has been resolved in your favor. The merchant has not yet provided the information necessary to resolve your claim. Therefore, we have issued credit to your account and removed the previously suspended amount, which will reflect on an upcoming statement.”

Folks, remember this when you encounter a surprise surcharge. The hotel may not see things your way. But your charge card just might.

That’s a great point – if the hotel won’t help go to your credit card company to fight if you feel as if you were unjustly charged.  Resort fees make you pay a bit more attention to the price of hotel rooms now.

In fact, I look at all advertised prices in Las Vegas as lies because there is almost always a resort fee added.  I don’t like thinking about money when I think about Las Vegas.

Resort Fees have potential to backfire on hotels in the long run if consumers become more vigilant when choosing a location.  If the consumer is counting their pennies before they travel they will likely count them while they travel.  That can cause less spending.  In the long term this may bit the hotels in the (insert profanity here).

I encourage you to read the whole article for the full story about undisclosed resort fees.