MYTHBUSTER: Proof Cosmo Doesn’t Care About Gamblers

I’ve written about the Cosmopolitan’s lack of marketing to gamblers and how I don’t understand why they they would avoid such a large part of the market before.  The NY Times has more information on this fact and it seems as if the stuff may hit the fan on this sometime sooner than later.

“When you build a $4 billion casino in the middle of the Strip, it is important to have a base of gamblers,” said Mr. Lerner of Union Gaming, who previously covered the industry for Deutsche Bank. “They have zip.”


“With the world coming to an end in 2008, I wouldn’t have done that project if someone had a gun to my head,” Mr. Lerner said. “I suspect they will look for a liquidity event over a short period of time.”

I’ve had both good times and mediocre times at Cosmopolitan, but never a bad time.  I happen to really like the joint despite their hit and miss service to the masses.  While their marketing doesn’t appeal to the gambler in me, they have enough interesting things happening that appeal to me…unfortunately for the Cosmo, I’m not the typical gambler.

Neither the lack of gambling marketing nor their recent treatment of a transgendered person will keep me away from the Cosomopolitan, but neither are appealing to me.

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