Cantor Gaming Crushed The Super Bowl

Cantor Gaming did monster business from Super Bowl wagering last week. In fact, they made 3 times more money than the average casino.

Cantor Gaming announced today that its eight race and sports books generated 16% of Nevada’s record $98.9 million Super Bowl handle, and they enjoyed 21% of the total win.  

The Nevada Gaming Control Board announced earlier this week that $98,936,798 was wagered in Nevada’s 183 sports books on this year’s Super Bowl, and the books retained 7.3% or $7,206,460.  

“We were delighted to see so many sports fans in our books during Super Bowl, demonstrating that Cantor Gaming continues to be a go-to, household name for sports wagers within the state of Nevada,” said Lee M. Amaitis, Cantor’s president and CEO. “Our high percentage contribution to the…handle and win underscores our position as a leading sports book operator in Nevada.”

If you’ve been following Cantor Gaming this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. They mostly cater to big spenders and not the average tourist on the strip looking to drop a few bucks on a game.

Cantor Gaming has lost/invested almost $100 million since it’s inception but their focus on the top spenders in the market while focusing on new technology and wagering options is setting them up for a great future. Maybe someday they’ll upgrade the M Resort sportsbook to be on par with their other sportsbooks.

Here’s a list of all the Cantor Gaming sportsbooks in Las Vegas.

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