Behind The Bets Podcast

I’ve been enjoying Chad Millman’s ESPN Insider column, “Behind The Bets”, for just about a year now.  This column and the magazine offer make the ESPN Insider fee worth it for me.

About a month ago Millman started the “Behind The Bets” podcast.  This is free and a great look into the world of sports betting.  For example, the podcast I’m listening to now has Pete Korner speaking about how he puts together lines for NFL games.

I haven’t found discussion like this available before so I’m enjoying the podcast.  Much like other podcasts and sports betting resources I don’t look to get picks from them, but I do like to get ideas and information that I’m not going to find from regular news outlets.

As we head into football season I imagine this is going to be an excellent resource and it’s only about 30 minutes a week.

Check the podcast section if you’re in need of some ways to get information or just pass the time.

Click here to download the “Behind The Bets” podcast from iTunes.

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