At BLT Steak; No Wine, No Cocktails, No Service

Bone-In New York Steak From BLT Steak At Bally's Las Vegas
Bone-In New York

I’ve been looking forward to checking out BLT Steak at Bally’s since the great New York City steakhouse was first announced. Last night I finally got to dine at BLT Steak. Since the NYC location of BLT Steak was a favorite when I lived there I was hoping for the same in Las Vegas. Any positive thoughts I had of the food were erased by bad service.

I ordered the Bone-In New York steak. Besides the last, and most important, bite it was really good. I don’t like my steak being sliced for me since it normally loses juice and flavor. This steak was prepared well enough that the flavor wasn’t lost. The last bite was a very charred and too burned for my taste – and I like char. I was saving this piece for my last bite and was disappointed.

The hash brown side was bland but fine. The bacon and jalapeño corn was fantastic. The corn was smokey and a little spicy. The corn was the standout dish of dinner.

Now for the service issues.

When we were sat at BLT Steak our waiter was fun and folksy. He was attentive and nearby for any questions we had or drinks we might need. When our party of four didn’t order any drinks things changed. He became distant and less charming. It was as if his kindness was only there to get us to drink insuring a higher bill and higher tip. Not cool.

After eating salad he told us that he had to remove all side dishes in order to make room for our main course and sides. After rushing everyone to finish their bread he ended up leaving one of the dishes on the table for the entire meal. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if he wasn’t a jerk about finishing the bread.

Once the steak was served one of the diners asked to speak with him because his medium rare steak was overcooked. He made up some BS excuse that this was because how the steak was prepared and didn’t offer another, properly cooked, steak. That was not cool and we went on with dinner.

After dinner we were discussing about how bad the service was and how the waiter wasn’t clearing any of the dishes. A manager walked by and looked as if he thought about clearing the dishes and decided not to. He must have mentioned something to the waiter because dishes were cleared and some complimentary brownie bites were served with the check. A good manager would have taken the dishes himself.

The check didn’t include Total Rewards discounts which we assumed were applied since we already showed the hostess our card before seating and were never asked for the card again. The waiter claimed to be waiting for us to pay before applying the discounts. Say what? He still needed a card to apply the discounts. Liar.

The food at BLT Steak was good but not great. I’d say I enjoyed my steak more than the others. The service was awful. 

A return to BLT Steak is highly unlikely even though my steak wasn’t bad. There are plenty of great steakhouses in Vegas with great food and great service that deserve my money. You can see more pictures from dinner below.

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