6-5 Blackjack is “Great” For Tourists!?

I don’t know how this one slipped past me until today, but the headline says it all.

..6-5 games are “great” for tourists..

The exact quote is “The 6-5 games are “great” for tourists getting a feel for blackjack, Rubin says.”  Rubin is “Max Rubin, a casino consultant and gambling book author.”  It’s this attitude that angers people that pay attention to pay tables and such.

There is lots of great fodder in the article for me to spew anger at, but even in context there’s no way anyone can justify that 6/5 blackjack is better for the player than 3/2.

Like all casino games you just look for the slowest bleed and odds to maybe win a little.  6/5 blackjack speeds up the losses.  Animal psyche will run away if it endures too much pain too quickly.  Less people gambling less lead to $1 billion less in blackjack take for the Vegas casinos.

Time for the casinos to slow do the lust for money and get consultants that don’t look down on their core consumers.

This morning Vegas Tripping has an article that touches on a similar topic.  As usual, a good read on VT.

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