6 Second Room Tour At The D Las Vegas

Here’s a quick 6 second room tour of my hotel room at The D in Downtown Vegas from last week. I love these quick little vine videos that can highlight a hotel room so quickly. Moving forward I will be making these 6 second overviews for every hotel room I stay in. I’ll have a more detailed room tour with video, pictures and comentary from this stay at The D soon. This video hits almost all of the things I felt were important in the room.

There weren’t many negatives about this hotel room at The D. If I cared about having a view then I’d be upset that the wrap around the building completely knocked out any potential view. Here are my quick notes for one of the best $40 hotel rooms I’ve had in Las Vegas.

  • Nice Decor.
  • Nice TV signal but maybe a bit small.
  • Sweet picture of casino chips.
  • Size was big enough to have a seating area.
  • View of El Cortez negated with wrap.
  • Lamps with outlets (Most useful hotel technology in years).

If you follow me on twitter or tumblr you may have seen photographic highlights from my night away. I haven’t done a one night get away in a while and need to get back to taking these little trips.