Fontainebleau Auction Details Emerge

I was curious to get some specifics on the Fontainebleau auction and after a few emails I was able to get the information I was seeking.  Of course I found that there’s some good and bad news for those interested.

Good News

  • Auction is open to the public.  Yesterday I was told it wasn’t.
  • Auction is going to happen in person and online next week.

Bad News

  • There aren’t a lot of interesting items available

Need Some Furniture?

The Fontainebleau in Las Vegas isn’t getting finished anytime soon. In fact, they are selling off the furniture of their 70% completed hotel.

While the project, which is 70 percent complete, sits idle on the Las Vegas Strip, Icahn has started selling off beds, dressers, TVs and other furnishings, according to a source.

I could use all of that.  Does anyone want to go shopping for me?  Seriously.

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