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$20 Trick – Las Vegas

I was advised to take a look at Front Desk Tip after my last trip to Las Vegas.  The premise is simple.  Slip the front desk person $20 at check in and ask for an upgraded room.  We all like upgrades!

Here are instructions from the site:

Why tip $20 at the front desk?
This gives you an opportunity to get an upgraded room/suite for cheap. This has become a common practice at hotels across the world.

Any tips on tipping?
In general people seem to have a better success rate with males 25-35.
It’s also advised to go at a later time (~10pm) because hotels tend to overbook and by this time, they should know which rooms are available.

How should I tip?
There is no secret sign or password. You basically tip the front desk and ask for a complimentary upgrade.

1. When you go to the front desk to check into a hotel, they will ask for a credit card or driver’s license.
2. Put a $20 bill between or under your driver’s license and credit card.
3. Ask the clerk if there are any complimentary upgrades.
4. Most clerks will know to give you back the money if they cannot offer you the upgrade.

If it fails?
It can be embarrassing. You can come down later to talk to another clerk for a different room or just enjoy your time.

I’ve never done this because I haven’t had to, but it seems worth it.  The success rates seem pretty good, and if you don’t get the upgrade all you lose is $20 and a little pride.

I’m not sure if I’ll do this on my upcoming trip since I’m Diamond @ Caesars and use VIP check in.  I’ve never needed to bust out extra cash for a nice room.  Any advice would be great.  Below is a screenshot of Front Desk Tip.


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