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Vegas Report – Bye Bye Vegas!

…Of course Monday was the worst day of the trip.  I had to go home and back to real life.  After a pretty unexciting Sunday I slept in until 8am.  It felt pretty nice.  I showered and packed and headed down to the casino to see the host on duty.  He was kind enough to remove my charges from the trip.  There weren’t many, but it was nice.  

For my final meal in Vegas I headed to Augustus Cafe.  I had a very good bacon and cheese omlette and decaf.  I don’t drink caffeine before I fly – especially coach.  

After breakfast I played a couple more slot machines.  I won $75 on the $1 Wheel of Fortune slots and broke even on some kind of diamond slot.  I only played for a while before heading back to the room so my friend could pack and we could head to the airport.

I had another nice cab driver on my final trip.  He was writing a book about travelers tales and other cab drivers.  Check In was quick and easy and, for a change, the security line wasn’t too bad at all.  Right as I get to the gate I get an email that the flight was delayed.  I decided to grab a grilled chicken sandwhich at Chili’s.  It was pretty good.  I get another email about my flight being delayed.  I’m now at the airport for at least another two hours.  


I was able to upgrade on the flight out to Vegas, but not on the flight home.  The flight out made me realize how much I love first class.  I had a middle seat and of course I couldn’t sleep on the packed flight home.  It wasn’t really uncomforatble, but I wasn’t comfortable.  

After boarding the flight a rolling out from the gate I was delayed for another 20 minutes.  The flight finally landed just after 11am eastern time.  Keeping with the theme of being delayed there was something wrong with the baggage carousel and I didn’t get out of the airport until midnight.

The last day in Vegas is always sad for me, but the delays at every step on the way home only made the last day long and miserable.  At least every other part of this trip was great!

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2 thoughts on “Vegas Report – Bye Bye Vegas!”

  1. I am catching up on blog posts I missed while I was away on my own vacation, and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading about your trip to Vegas. That was some nice room you had at Caesars! I have not stayed there, but would certainly love to. I had heard elsewhere that the Diamond Lounges at Harrahs properties stopped serving hot food awhile ago as a cost-saving measure, so was interested to read that you did have hot food there. And okay, so the casinos are trying to distract male gamblers by having hot go-go dancers in the pits, what are they doing to distract female gamblers? 😉

  2. I hope your vacation was as good as mine! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the wrap up.

    I read before the trip that Harrah’s stopped serving hot food in their Las Vegas Diamon Lounges as well. I think they only put out a hot spread for an hour or so. To be honest I like it without the food. Less people. 🙂

    I’m not sure there’s anything that can be done to distract women gamblers without dissuading the men. lol


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