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Top 10 Non-Gambling Things to do in Vegas

I do a few things when I’m in Las Vegas vacationing.  I eat, I drink, I gamble.  I repeat those a few times throughout the day and that’s how I roll.  I’m pretty simple.  You can switch coffee for vodka as AM turns to PM.  I saw a list of the “Top 10 non-gambling activities to do in Vegas” and since I do things differently I figured I’d pass on the list to people that may roll differently than I do.

By the way, even though I live in Vegas now I still take some vacations in Vegas because it’s still fun.

10. Shoot a machine gun
9. The rides at the Stratosphere
8. The New York-New York Hotel & Casino roller coaster
7. Shop till you drop
6. Visit the Pawn Stars store
5. Hit the pools
4. Neon Museum Boneyard
3. Wynn Buffet
2. Signature Vegas attractions
1. Wander up and down the Strip at night with a large alcoholic beverage

The one activity I’ve done on this list is shop till I dropped. I like to treat myself to some things every now and again and there is plenty of shopping in Vegas for a guy or a girl to do.  Even now I hit the strip to explore the shops a little.  After all, the Apple stores are located on the strip.

Sometime soon I will check the Neon Museum, which looks cool and even though I’m not very nostalgic or into much touristy stuff it seems like fun.  There are a lot of NEVER on this list for me and I’m surprised that there is no “Take a day to visit downtown” on this list.  That’s always a top recommendation I have as it was something I almost always did on my trips to Vegas.  You can check the whole list here.

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