Ace Ace Loses To Ace Ace In Crazy WSOP Poker Hand

Pair of Aces In WSOP Poker Hand
Heh heh heh. Ace Ace

People talk about bad beats in sports betting fairly often. I find the thought of a bad beat silly but that’s me. Things happen. It seems as if bad beats do happen in poker.

Now, this bad beat from the World Series of Poker earlier this year is pretty crazy. Both players went all in with a pair of Aces and one sucked out a win on the last card.

Ironically by the last card dealt this “bad beat” had a 20% chance of occurring. That doesn’t seem like a mathematical bad beat. I’m resigned to the fact that bad beats are silly thoughts. Things happen.

Photo: USA Today

World Series Of Poker Live Stream Details

World Series Of Poker Logo
World Series Of Poker

If you love watching poker you’re in store for a lot of pokery goodness coming soon. Summer is the season of poker! If you’re not in Vegas to catch the World Series of Poker live at the Rio you can watch it almost live online anywhere or wait until ESPN airs it in a few months. WSOP just announced its live stream event schedule for this year’s events. Here are the details:

For the third year, will be livestreaming the final table action with the help of seasoned poker commentator David Tuchman.  We’re keeping the broadcaster busy this summer with 32 days of feature table streaming, which will include commentary from Tuchman and a rotating cast of guests as well as hole cards on all No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha events.

As in previous years, we will also have a secondary stream, which features a multi-camera setup, no hole cards, no commentary, and a five-minute delay.  Please keep in mind this schedule is tentative and we reserve the right to change the schedule and which table is the feature table. 

Start times depend on when play reaches a final table on Day 3. Be sure to follow @WSOP on Twitter for links and start times for streaming events. The streams will all be available on

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Here’s What To Expect From The 2014 World Series Of Poker

World Series Of Poker Logo
World Series Of Poker

I tweeted a bunch of information that I found interesting during the conference call for the World Series of Poker today. I don’t play casino poker so my major takeaway may be different than most people on the call.

I love how WSOP and Caesars is integrating play on during the tournament itself. You can see details in my notes below. Note the frisbee dog show.

  • $2 billion prize money WSOP
  • New chairs!
  • More tables!
  • New carpet!
  • Frisbee dog shows – Day of Millionaire Maker tournament.
  • Opening day at Rio will include “rain”.
  • 303 millionaires made at WSOP
  • WSOP will not be played exclusively at Rio. Encouraging to play on
  • Will be able to deposit to from casino cage at Rio.
  • Online players will be able to deposit at the cage. 100% up to $1000 bonus for 1st time depositors & reloads
  • Will be players only cage.
  • ambassadors throughout WSOP to help with signup/questions.
  • Will be live streaming (on delay) of over 25 tournaments. Not sure where. Didn’t catch details
  • Players be allowed to have laptops at WSOP tables so they can also play online
  • Free wifi at convention center. Additional bandwidth for WSOP. Stage will be set up for players and will have its own wifi network to ensure access.
  • Bracelet events online in future.
  • Players can not wear headphones at final tables. Can play poker online when out of the hand. Cannot play online when cards are in front of them.
  • Hotel reservations at Caesars hotels are up YOY.
  • Registration for WSOP healthy.
  • Expect Millionaire Maker to be huge.
  • Main Event prize guaranteed to be $10mm. BOOM!
  • Open Face Chinese Poker still not an official tournament. WSOP not comfortable with it.
  • Last year’s winner purchased a house in Vegas. I haven’t seen him.
  • Many people looking to play Big One are still raising funds. Not using their own money.

I’m sure I left something out so feel free to tweet or comment with any questions.

How Much For Scott Ian’s Vegas Adventure During World Series Of Poker?

Scott Ian
Scott Ian

If you don’t know who Scott Ian is you can move along, you probably won’t care about this. If you know who Scott Ian is let’s go.

Scott Ian from Anthrax has a new DVD coming out and to promote it he’s offering a ton of special experiences. See details on a Vegas vacation with Scott Ian during the World Series of Poker.

Disclaimer: This adventure will make “The Hangover” look like an episode of “Full House.”

Join Scott on a night of melee that begins at an undisclosed bar in Vegas, where you’ll experience a Black Tooth Grin (Dimebag’s favorite drink) in the form of an ice luge.

Then an amazing meal at Scott’s favorite Vegas restaurant.

From there, it’s off to the World Series of Poker where there’s a good chance you’ll get to be up close and personal with a few of the poker champs and throw back some cocktails. Count on a signed deck of cards from one of these card wizards.

A late night trip to Joshua Tree is not out of the question.

And then it’s mimosas and watching the sunrise over the desert and calling up some other rock legends from Scott’s cell….

You can have this Vegas adventure with Scott Ian for only $25,000. There’s only one available, so only you can be the man.

Photo: Wikipedia

Poker Book And Poker Movie

Straight Flush Book By Ben Mezrich
Straight Flush

There’s a new poker book out from Ben Mezrich called “Straight Flush: The True Story of Six College Friends Who Dealt Their Way to a Billion-Dollar Online Poker Empire–and How It All Came Crashing Down…” and a new poker movie called “High Stakes – The Sam Tricket Story” about his entry into last year’s $1 million World Series of Poker Big One for One Drop tournament.

Ben Mezrich wrote one of my favorite books called “Bringing Down The House“. It’s about the infamous MIT blackjack team going to Las Vegas and winning a boatload of money. I viewed the book as entertainment going into it and not fact even though it was pitched as non-fiction. I’m cynical and don’t believe anything is 100% true or false. His new book “Straight Flush” is being promoted in the same manner. Some reviewers on Amazon are attacking his accuracy. If you’re interested in building and tearing down of an online poker empire and read it as partial truth you will probably enjoy “Straight Flush”. Here’s an interview with Mezrich from

Exclusive Interview: Ben Mezrich on his new book, Straight Flush Video 


“High Stakes – The Sam Tricket Story” is about poker player Sam Tricket and focuses mainly on his entry into last year’s $1 million entry for the Big One for One Drop tournament at the World Series of Poker. Like all gambling movies it touches on his ups and downs in the poker world. You can watch the entire movie by visiting and signing up for an account if you’re from anywhere outside of the United States and France. I’m sure if you want to watch the full movie and you’re American you’ll be able to find it somewhere. Here’s the movie trailer for the documentary.

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19 Hits 7 Straight Times on Roulette at Rio

I don’t play much roulette so I haven’t seen anything like this before. The photo above shows the number 19 hitting 7 times in a row and 8 times in 9 spins. Hot damn! What are the odds of that happening? I’m glad you asked.

The website Beyond the Best crunched the numbers and calculated the odds of the 19s hitting seven times in succession as 114 billion to 1.

Obviously, hitting 8 times in 9 spins is even a bigger number. Seeing 20 hit 4 of the 6 previous spins would lead me to think that there’s some shady business here, but nothing has been found just yet.

Contacted this afternoon to ask for verification of the event and if the wheel has since been tested to make sure it is properly balanced and calibrated, Caesars Entertainment officials had not yet learned of the event.

I can be a conspiracy theorist and say that there’s some Ocean’s 13 shadiness going on here, but I just don’t see someone going to Rio to do that. Especially during the World Series of Poker. Then again, maybe that the genius here.

Photo: Las Vegas Sun

NBC Cancels National Heads Up Poker Tournament

NBC’s National Heads Up Poker Tournament has always been a fun show to watch on a lazy Sunday morning or randomly at night on one of the other NBC channels. Unfortunately, NBC has cancelled the show.

NBC has announced the cancellation of one of the sports most prestigious poker tournament, the invitation only NBC National Heads-up Poker Tournament.  

Since each match was head to head with the most famous professional poker players a few actors sprinkled in this was an easy show to watch. It didn’t come across as serious as the World Series of Poker. This was the last poker show I watched on TV and I’m not sure that there’s anything that will replace it. National Heads Up Poker Tournament, you will be missed.

ESPN Running Scared From Poker

After last weeks breakup of three major online poker sites ESPN (and their parent company, Disney) has announced that they are removing all poker from the network for the time being.

Walt Disney’s ESPN sports cable channel will remove poker advertising and programming after the U.S. indicted gambling websites that sponsor televised tournaments and froze their bank accounts.

“We are aware of the indictment only through what has been announced publicly,” Bristol, Connecticut-based ESPN said yesterday in an e-mailed statement. “For the immediate future, we are making efforts to remove related advertising and programming pending further review.”

This is a very safe play for ESPN.  They were going to lose most of the advertising for their poker programming anyway since Full Tilt, Absolute Poker and Poker Stars made up the bulk of advertising on the shows.

ESPN didn’t state that they’ve canceled all contracts and are out of the business forever.  They are just putting things on hold for TV.  The poker page on is still up and running.  I expect ESPN to seek out other World Series of Poker advertisers and will hold off on committing to airing the tournament until they know how they stand financially.

This is all, still, just the beginning of what’s probably going to be legal online gambling in America…it’s just a matter of when.

UPDATE: ESPN will be airing the 2011 WSOP, but they have removed old programming. Thanks for the heads up

World Series Of Poker TV Ratings Down Again

This years World Series of Poker (WSOP) TV ratings, on ESPN, are showing a 16% decrease from last years ratings which also fell.

The overall ratings for the first six weeks of WSOP coverage on ESPN have garnered a 0.67 rating, with a rating of 1.0 meaning that approximately 1.1 million viewers were watching a program. This would give the WSOP on ESPN an average of 737,000 viewers over the first six weeks of broadcasting. Compared to 2009, when the first six weeks pulled in a 0.79 rating (869,000 viewers), the ratings have dropped approximately 16%.

No surprise here, as the ratings continue to drop.  It seems as if more people want to play poker now than watch poker on TV.  This rating is still higher than hockey games and ESPN has a deal to air the WSOP through 2017, so this will air until nobody is left watchin.