Gold Fish 3 Slot Machines Hit Red Rock Resort

Gold Fish 3 Slot Machine At Red Rock Resort Las Vegas
Gold Fish 3 Slot Machine

There aren’t many slot machines that make me feel more like an old lady than the Gold Fish series. In part I don’t play the Gold Fish slot machines for this reason very often. The other reason I don’t play Gold Fish very often is that I haven’t liked any of the slots in this series since the original release.

Before grabbing lunch at Red Rock Resort yesterday I noticed that they recently installed a bank of Gold Fish 3 slot machines by WMS Gaming. The game has been out for a while but I haven’t seen it before.

There were two women playing (go figure) and their games were making lots of noise so I figured that I’d drop a bill in and see how the game was. Gold Fish 3 is fun. There are lots of bonuses to keep the game going and the game is big, bright and loud. All features I enjoy in a slot machine.

I enjoyed the original Gold Fish slot machine but haven’t liked any of the games since and stopped playing the series all together. I will definitely play Gold Fish 3 again. Check out the promo video below.

Spy Vs. Spy Slot Machine From WMS Gaming

Spy Vs. Spy Slot Machine From WMS Gaming
Spy Vs. Spy Slot Machine

I saw this Spy Vs. Spy slot machine from WMS Gaming at G2E last year and wasn’t very excited by it. I think that it’s because I don’t have a strong bond with the Spy Vs. Spy theme. Watching the video for the game is actually making me rethink how I feel about the game.

Spy Vs. Spy is a reel slot machine that uses video for bonus rounds really well. I don’t think I’ll love the game but it looks much cooler than many of the slot machines that have come out recently.

Check out the video and game details below. Will you play Spy Vs. Spy when it hit casinos?

The SPY Vs. SPY theme utilizes a unique battle mechanic where the game is always in one of two modes: WHITE SPY or BLACK SPY.

Watch as the Spies fight to land in the “versus” location, the center position of the rightmost reel, to take control of the game, and put it in either WHITE SPY Mode or BLACK SPY Mode.

Collect WHITE Spies in WHITE SPY Mode, or BLACK Spies in BLACK SPY mode, to pay and increase the meters above. Landing a WILD in “versus” location will pay and increment all top screen meters. Choose your spy in the free spin bonus and get a multiplier if your Spy wins.

Featuring a round top with glass over an incandescent LED monitor, and a clear LED panel that allows full visibility of the reels, this low-denomination Blade stepper theme is sure to catch your attention- no booby-traps needed!

WMS Gaming Rich Little Piggies 2 Slot Machine Coming Soon

Rich Little Piggies Dice Bonus From WMS Gaming
Rich Little Piggies Dice Bonus

Cutesy slot machines are a thing. Remember those OMG! Kitten slots that were one of the first posts on EDGe Vegas? Kittens are cute and so are piggies. WMS Gaming may be onto something here.

I’m not a cutesy kinda guy but I used to play this awesome communal pig slot machine at Borgata in Atlantic City almost every time I visited. Yelling for pigs so we could get pig bonus rounds was fun. PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGS! That’s also a thing.

I’ll give the Rich Little Piggies 2 slot machine a spin when it’s available in Vegas. Pigs + Dice? I’m in.

WMS Gaming’s Reel Intensity Bonuses Look Interesting But Not Intense

Reel Intensity Slot Machine Bonuses From WMS Gaming
Reel Intensity

It usually doesn’t take much to get me excited for a slot machine. Give me some LOUD NOISES, bright lights, fun bonus rounds and interesting themes and I’ll usually give the game a whirl. These Reel Intensity bonuses from WMS Gaming include random multipliers, extra reels and extra bonus spins are cool.

That being said, I don’t think cool bonus rounds would get me to play a slot machine with a lame theme. If these bonuses were available on one of their brand named slot machines I’d probably play. Hot Molten Money and Code Name: Katrina are not the kind of games that seem remotely interesting unless I’ve had a few too many drinks.

What do you think?

KISS Colossal Reel Slot Machine By WMS Gaming Coming Soon

KISS Colossal Reel Slot Machine By WMS Gaming
KISS Colossal Reels

The first KISS slot machine from WMS Gaming hit casino floors a couple of years ago and is pretty much gone. I rarely saw anyone playing the original KISS slot machine in my travels so it’s no surprise that it’s been removed from the casino floor. Aside of KISS being at G2E to promote the slot machine there was little excitement over the game.

Just like the band the KISS slot machine won’t go away.

A new KISS Colossal Reels slot machine will be hitting casinos soon. The video below is from the KISS Colossal Reels game that’s been available online in Europe. The Colossal Reel technology is really popular and should help bring new life into the KISS slot machine franchise that WMS Gaming probably paid too much for.

Does the KISS Army gamble? Would you play this game? 

Holy Crap! This Original Star Trek Slot Machine Is Cool…Until You See Tribbles. Then It’s AWESOME!

Star Trek Starship Enterprise Tribble Bonus
Star Trek Tribble Bonus!

I’m not a Trekkie or a Trekker but I have some memory of the original Star Trek TV show with William Shatner. I was more of a Star Wars kid but that’s besides the point. I love this preview of this new Star Trek Starship Enterprise slot machine by WMS Gaming.

There are a lot of cool elements to this game but the Tribble Bonus round is what took this from another cool retro video slot machine to an awesome retro slot machine that I will definitely play!

More details on the game after the video. What do you think?


Featuring two 5×3 arrays with KIRK and SPOCK symbols that transfer to a 5×9 Enterprise array, the STAR TREK Starship Enterprise™ game takes you to a whole new frontier. Set your Phasers to stun in the Phaser WILDs Feature and watch the Enterprise fire down, transferring WILD symbols from the main reel array to its corresponding Enterprise array and turning the full reel WILD. 

But that’s not all — spin the reels in the Energize Feature to see KIRK and SPOCK symbols beam over to their corresponding reels for a chance at even bigger wins. With multiple bonuses such as the Red Alert Free Spins, The Trouble With Tribbles™ Free Spins and the Crystal Capture Bonus, enhanced by the synchronized motion of the Sensory Immersion 2.0 chair, players will find themselves sitting in the captain’s chair of the Enterprise as KIRK himself did, facing action and excitement as they explore
the final frontier!

Monopoly Luxury Diamonds Slot Machines By WMS Gaming

Monopoly Luxury Diamonds Slot Machine By WMS Gaming
Monopoly Luxury Diamonds Slot Machine

I saw this Monopoly Luxury Diamonds slot machine at G2E last year and was more impressed by the fact that it was a new take on an old school mechanical reel slot machine than by the gameplay itself. That’s not to say I didn’t like the game. This the kind of game I’d play in the morning over a cup of hot coffee. I was just impressed with WMS Gaming keeping the older type slot machine alive.

This is a line of slot machines that WMS Gaming is making for people not totally ready to move to video reels. I touched on the re-emergence of higher limit slot machines last year for Vegas ChatterMonopoly Luxury Diamonds will be available this summer.

What do you think?

The Price Is Right Showcase Showgirls Slot Machine

There has recently been a run of slot machines that have seemed fun. The Price Is Right Showcase Showgirls slot machine from WMS Gaming is where the good run ends for me. This doesn’t look very interesting or fun.

Check out the video of the game for yourself. What do you think?