WinPoker iPhone App

I was practicing video poker while watching TV and realized that I haven’t done a blog about the WinPoker iPhone app.  This is the only app that I’ve purchased on both my old iPod touch and my iPhone.  It is a great tool to practice video poker strategy and I usually play a few hours before every trip, just to hone my skills.

WinPoker allows you to choose the type of video poker game you want to play with the pay tables that you’ll play so you can have an accurate simulation and learn to play video poker the right way.  If the pay tables aren’t stock on the game you can add them. For example; before my last trip to Las Vegas I added 8/6 Jacks or Better because I knew that Venetian didn’t have anything better to offer.

Once you’ve selected a game to play you simply play video poker as you normally would.  Where WinPoker really earns its money from me are the error messages when I’m playing.

Knowing when I’m making the wrong play is what helps make me a better video poker player.  I now consider myself to have perfect play when playing Jacks or Better.  Since Las Vegas’ best game is Double Double Bonus poker I’ve been practicing that a lot.  I’m not quite the “perfect” player, but I’m getting there.  Hopefully before the year is out I’ll be perfect.

I absolutely feel confident that if you play video poker you will get lots of mileage out of WinPoker for the iPhone or iPod and possibly improve your game like I did.