Cantor Gaming Sportsbooks Are Almost Paperless

I try to live being paperless and it’s interesting to see that Cantor Gaming is doing the same in their sportsbooks. I don’t try to live paperless because I’m concerned about the environment. I’m a pretty minimalist person and don’t like clutter or being wasteful and that’s what paper is to me. The byproduct is that I treat planet Earth with a little respect. Go me!

The commercial above for Cantor Gaming sportsbooks touts that they don’t have parlay cards in their sportsbooks. I’ve verified that this is the case.

Like me, Cantor Gaming isn’t going paperless because they care about the planet. Cantor Gaming is concerned about people signing up for betting accounts. There’s nothing wrong with this. That’s their business.

Going paperless and walk up sportsbooks are major steps towards what we should expect to see in the future of sportsbooks. Sportsbooks have been changing drastically in the past few years and will continue to do so.

Sportsbooks will be very different in 5 years.


Walk Up Sportsbooks In Vegas

Over the past year or so there has been an influx of walk up sportsbooks in Las Vegas casinos. Most recently Cantor Gaming has introduced a walk up sportsbook at The Palazzo and another at Palms.

The walk up sportsbook at The Palazzo is all about convenience and access. Lagasse’s Stadium is located in the basement of the casino and typically only to be found by people seeking it out. It’s also a relatively long haul for someone staying at the hotel since it’s located on the opposite end of the property. The walk up sports betting desk at The Palazzo is in the center of the casino and will catch the casual sports bettor as well as people that are leaving the casino and don’t want to forget to place their bet.

On the surface, the Walk up sportsbook at Palms is a little more curious since the actual sportsbook is only a 90 second walk away. However, the sportsbook is out of site in the corner of the casino that’s more for Vegas locals then tourists. This walk up section is located near the hotel elevators and table games where the tourists and gamblers are. Again, this will reach casual sports bettors.

William Hill has self-serve sports betting kiosks at bars across the whole state of Nevada and offer the ability to bet on sports outside of a casino without even dealing with people.

Even though sports betting only makes up a small part of a casinos bottom line it is growing in awareness with these non-traditional placements. Don’t be surprised that these walk up sportsbooks and kiosks replace actual sit down sportsbooks in the future.

As fantasy football and betting with apps continue to grow in popularity sportsbooks are being filled with people that aren’t generating any income for the casino or sportsbook. Unless all sportsbooks and/or casinos get into the fantasy football business (like Cantor Fantasy) why would a casino dedicate their real estate to people not spending money with them? They won’t.