Here Are The Las Vegas Fireworks As 2015 Became 2016

Las Vegas Fireworks


Las Vegas Fireworks
Photo Credit: Erik Kabik Photography/ MediaPunch

Here are all 8 minutes of the Las Vegas Fireworks show that were live from the Vegas Strip last night. Each song was in the playlist was tailored to a specific casino but I don’t really understand it. I don’t think KTNV Las Vegas aired the footage in sync with the actual choreography plan.

Anyway, fireworks in Las Vegas are always awesome. Enjoy.

Happy New Year!

VEGASCAPES: A Las Vegas Timelapse Trip

Las Vegas Timelapse

Las Vegas Timelapse

by Dustin Farrell makes some beautiful videos that are well choreographed to music. You can find them on Vimeo.

This video is particularly phenomenal. I’ve seen and shared a lot of beautiful Las Vegas videos and this is one of the best.

The video is crystal clear and I recommend viewing the video in full-screen mode with the biggest screen you can find.

Amateur videographers might want to watch his tutorial on timelapse films.

Here’s a pretty great reel of his work featuring landscapes and humans.

Tweet me with other great videos of Las Vegas you’ve found and I’ll share them. You should also feel free to post them on the Facebook page. Just make sure they’re beautiful like this one. ūüėČ

Hat Tip to @Dribbleglass for the find.

How Amazon’s Fire Phone Will Make Vegas Vacations Even Better

Amazon Fire Phone
Amazon Fire Phone Can Make More Vegas Memories

I saw the launch of Amazon’s Fire Phone yesterday and thought it was a cool new mobile phone option. I don’t think I’ll immediately drop my iPhone and run to it but I’ll consider it if they get other carrier’s on board. AT&T doesn’t have good coverage in the part of Vegas¬†where I live.

This morning I read about a feature¬†that slipped by me that will immediately have an effect on families that travel. Amazon’s Fire Phone¬†will have a 13 Mb camera that shoots 1080p HD video but more importantly the phone¬†comes with FREE CLOUD STORAGE.

HD video and high quality¬†photos take up a lot of internal storage space on mobile devices. Chances are that you won’t have enough space on your phone to keep everything. I never do. I load most of my pictures onto my laptop and delete most of my photos from the Apple Cloud because I don’t want pay for the service. That said, I still have hundreds of pictures on my phone.

There are a lot of¬†people that still don’t understand or trust the cloud. My mom would love a service like this that just saved all of her pictures at no additional charge. Then again, I just showed her how to use The Google last year.

When people visit Las Vegas they take a boatload of pictures. Families and tourists are off the chart with the amount of pictures they take. Just try to walk anywhere on the Vegas Strip without bumping into people snapping pics. A day of pictures and a couple of videos will take¬†up a lot of space on a phone. If you’re visiting for more than a weekend you’ll probably have to delete pictures and/or video from your phone at some point. Free cloud storage would help with this problem.

Free cloud storage, alone, is a game changer. Storage is dropping in price so rapidly but the majority of American’s don’t even know how or where to find storage. The Amazon Fire Phone¬†seems like it will be a great one stop shop for the average American consumer and a great way to save more Vegas memories. [Insert sappy music]

More Info On Amazon Fire Phone

The D Hotel Review

Bed At The D Hotel Las Vegas
Queen Bed at The D

I say often how much I enjoy gambling at The D but, until last week, I hadn’t stayed at the hotel or experienced more than the bars and gaming. My King room at The D is possibly the best $40 hotel room I’ve ever had. In fact, I’ve already made another reservation. You may have sensed my excitement for the room with my sharing of a 6 second tour right after my stay.

The photo tour will culminate with a 60 second video tour.

The D Hotel - King Room Entry

When I entered the room I could see that this was a large and clean room. Most of the rooms in Downtown Vegas are fairly small because the buildings are old. That wasn’t the case with this room in any way. The space in the sleeping area of this king room felt like as if it was converted from a room with two beds. The corner rooms are $10-$15 more per night and are supposedly larger if you like having extra room. I may have gotten lucky with a larger room but if they’re all this size I don’t see the need for an upgrade.

The D Hotel - King Room Bathroom

The bathroom is immediately to the left of the entry. There’s nothing fancy about the bathroom but it seems as if the renovations included new granite and glazing of the sink, toilet and tub. That’s a small touch that many inexpensive hotel room renovations (like the Fab room at Flamingo) should do because it makes the room look clean. Side note, I love the smell of the lotion that they use.

The D Hotel - King Room Seating Area

Looking past the bed all the way to the other end of the room is the seating area. The chairs are low profile and easy to move if you want to put your feet up or charge a device while using it. Wifi is $10 and if I wasn’t hungover the morning after I would have stayed in the room to do a little work. The room has a number of simple amenities to make The D stand out from the pack.

The D Hotel - King Room Lamp

The lamps at The D have outlets. With this being an older room there aren’t many outlets with easy access to charge phones, tablets or laptops. I had my laptop and phone with me and was able to charge both while using them whenever I wanted. This is another amenity that every hotel room should have. The only other room I’ve stayed in lately that has a similar feature was my suite at Encore.

One of the downsides of staying at The D is that there isn’t a quick serve coffee joint, like Starbucks. The D has that kinda covered.

The D Hotel - King Room Coffee

Few hotel rooms offer free coffee anymore but multiple cups of coffee for $2.50 isn’t bad. If you bring your own K-Cups you can make coffee for free. I have to remember that for next trip. Later I learned that you can get coffee to go from the coffee shop on the 2nd floor but it’s not very good.

The D Hotel - King Room Air Conditioning

One of the only problems I had with the room was with the air conditioning unit. It was an older style unit which actually cooled the air just fine. My issue with is was how loud it was. I could barely sleep with it on but I couldn’t sleep with it off. Next time I’ll have more vodka. Speaking of sleeping…

The D Hotel - King Room Bed

The bed was clean, firm and comfortable. The pillow situation was a little strange because they were all tiny. The pillows are somewhere between throw pillow sized (the red one) and normal pillows. Now that I think about it maybe the pillows are the reason I couldn’t sleep and not the air conditioning.

The D Las Vegas Hotel Room King View

Besides the super loud air conditioning unit the only real negative of the room at The D was the view. The view of the El Cortez and Fremont East area was obscured by the building wrap. This would be a big deal if I cared about a view but I don’t often sit by the window just looking out at a nice view.

Overall, I was impressed with the king room at The D. The renovations were nice and there was plenty of room with a lot of places to charge my mobile devices. Comparing apples to apples this is easily one of the nicest rooms I’ve had in downtown Vegas or anywhere for $40.

That said, it’s not a $200+ room at The Palazzo or Encore who’s rooms suites cost 5 times as much per night not including resort fee.

I forgot to take a picture of the TV but it had one of the best HD signals I’ve seen on a TV. The tour will culminate with a video of the entire room. Leave a comment if you have any specific questions.

The D King Room from East Coast Gambler on Vimeo.

Tosh.0 Goes To Vegas

I don’t watch what many people consider to be good TV. When he’s not airing videos of people vomiting, one of my favorite shows is Tosh.0. Last night he went off on a rant about Vegas before showing a short video of himself playing on hand of blackjack at Mirage. This kind of reminded me of paying off my lost Tim Tebow bet with Denver Gambler, but this is at least kind of funny.

The entire segment from Tosh.0 is below. Enjoy.

Flamingo Go Room Tour

I realized when I was posting the video tour of the Flamingo Fab Room, that I never shared the video tour I did of the Flamingo GO room, which was awesome. Enjoy the video of the room below.

Besides being well appointed, the room had an awesome view of the Bellagio fountains.

Overall, I really like the Flamingo GO rooms. They’re a great mid range price option for a Vegas room and you can’t beat the location. Most of my Caesars rooms are comped because of my Total Rewards status, but this is a room I’d actually pay for.

Music courtesy Foo Fighters and Britney Spears

Sweet Video: Las Vegas 1962

Over the weekend Nick The Knife sent over this video called “Las Vegas 1962.” It looks great for such old video. The creator Jeff Altman says it was taken from 16mm film then “This footage ran live off of a Spirit Datacine, through a da Vinci 2k Plus, and then directly into Final Cut for capture as a Quicktime.”

While the song was something I hope to never hear again the video of old Las Vegas looks great. I recommend making sure you watch in HD and expanding to full screen for maximum pleasure. Enjoy!

Las Vegas 1962 from Jeff Altman on Vimeo.

Boom: Down Goes Dunes!

In light of the pending implosion of The Harmon, Vegas Inc. decided to list the Top 10 Vegas Strip Hotel implosions. I love implosions and figured this was a good excuse to visit the youtube archives.

For the next couple of weeks I‚Äôll grab video of these 10 Las Vegas Strip Hotel implosions. We’re at the end of the list and at the most engaging implosion ‚Äď Dunes. The implosion looks like a big party and was topped off with a $1 million fireworks show. If you’re going to get blown up, this is how to do it! This is a great end to the Top 10 Vegas Strip Hotel Implosions.

Opened: May 23, 1955

Closed: Jan. 26, 1993

Imploded: Oct. 27, 1993

With the slogan “The Miracle in the Desert,” the Dunes offered a desert oasis theme and featured a 35-foot-tall fiberglass sultan on its roof. The walls inside the Dunes were slanted, mirroring desert tents.

Through the years, the Dunes continued to add “Arabian Nights” themed elements including an onion-shaped dome. The hotel eventually added performers such as like Aztec Birdman, who performed ritual dances, and flying Indians to perform by the pool.

In 1961, the Dunes added the Diamond of the Dunes, a tower that was the largest in the state, bring the total number of rooms available to 400. In 1976, another 17-story tower was added, which brought the number of rooms to 1,300.

The Dunes hosted entertainers such as Frank Sinatra and offered the first topless revues on the strip, known as Minsky’s Follies.

In 1987, Japanese millionaire Masao Nangaku purchased the resort for $155 million. Nangaku could not make the Dunes successful and in 1993, sold it to Steve Wynn’s Mirage Resorts Inc. for $75 million. It was ceremoniously imploded on Oct. 27, 1993. The Bellagio occupies the site.

Destroyed In Seconds
Destroyed In Seconds

Does The Cosmo Promote Gambling? Nah.

I was catching up with my news this weekend and came across a quick and funny blog from Stiffs and Georges¬†about Cosmopolitan promo videos on youtube not having any gambling. There are no surprises, but rather than re-wording the blog I’ll just share it here.

I’m Shocked, Shocked!

‚Ķ to discover that there is gambling in this establishment. Of 38 video clips onCosmopolitan of Las Vegas‚Äė¬†You Tube¬†channel,¬†not one¬†is devoted to the casino floor. Geez, you think this ‚Äúhide the gaming‚ÄĚ marketing approach might have¬†something¬†to do with the Cosmo‚Äôs distinctly anemic (as in a dismal¬†22% of the gross) casino revenues?

P.S.: I‚Äôd suggest dropping the twee terminology¬†‚Äúquirky mashup‚ÄĚ from future PR materials. It makes the Cosmo sound like it‚Äôs trapped in a¬†Wes Anderson¬†film festival.

This should come as no surprise to anyone as the Cosmo hasn’t been branding itself as a destination with gambling since before it opened, but this is still fun to think about a casino¬†that does¬†not marketing gambling. Enjoy one of their lovely videos below.