Here Are The Las Vegas Fireworks As 2015 Became 2016

Las Vegas Fireworks


Las Vegas Fireworks
Photo Credit: Erik Kabik Photography/ MediaPunch

Here are all 8 minutes of the Las Vegas Fireworks show that were live from the Vegas Strip last night. Each song was in the playlist was tailored to a specific casino but I don’t really understand it. I don’t think KTNV Las Vegas aired the footage in sync with the actual choreography plan.

Anyway, fireworks in Las Vegas are always awesome. Enjoy.

Happy New Year!

Holy Frijoles Tacos – “Burglars Just Want Tacos”

Burglars Just Want Tacos…Frijoles Tacos

Frijoles Tacos

Frijoles Tacos in Las Vegas made the best from a robbery when they made this fun, now, viral video Called “Burglars Just Want Tacos.” Seriously, who doesn’t want tacos? This is really a making lemonade out of lemons situation.

Read more about the video from Ad Age “Vegas Taco Joint Gets Burglarized, Makes Amazing Viral Video Ad From Security-Cam Footage.”

Photo: Frijoles Instagram

VEGASCAPES: A Las Vegas Timelapse Trip

Las Vegas Timelapse

Las Vegas Timelapse

by Dustin Farrell makes some beautiful videos that are well choreographed to music. You can find them on Vimeo.

This video is particularly phenomenal. I’ve seen and shared a lot of beautiful Las Vegas videos and this is one of the best.

The video is crystal clear and I recommend viewing the video in full-screen mode with the biggest screen you can find.

Amateur videographers might want to watch his tutorial on timelapse films.

Here’s a pretty great reel of his work featuring landscapes and humans.

Tweet me with other great videos of Las Vegas you’ve found and I’ll share them. You should also feel free to post them on the Facebook page. Just make sure they’re beautiful like this one. 😉

Hat Tip to @Dribbleglass for the find.

Vegas Vacation Notes

Bellagio Las Vegas

Every trip I take in Vegas I usually take notes whenever I have a free moment. These notes are reminders of what happened and usually lead to bigger articles and posts in the future. As you’ll see this vacation was a bit hazy but here ya go!

D grill – bat toast
Fremont hotel
DTG – lose BJ
Pizza Rock – NYer. Fantastic
Fremont casino AC awful
D craps 45 minute roll
Pizza rock HH loud
D cafe closes 10p
FSE shit show
$3 3 foot hot dog. Oy.

D grill
Flamingo “hey, the room is free”
Fab room – bad cell reception/data

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Spirit Airlines May Be Awful But This Airplane Is Awesome

Las Vegas Spirit Airplane

I was skimming through twitter one day last week and came across a post for Spirit Airlines earnings. The first quarter earnings didn’t capture my interest because I’ll never fly Spirit.

The picture of the airplane above got me a little excited about Vegas. I was so excited that I got dressed and headed out to Monte Carlo for some coffee and horrible wifi (more on that later).

The Best Weather Of The Year In Vegas Begins Now

I was sitting outside yesterday afternoon, drinking the last of my Snow Day Winter Ale from New Belgium brewery and taking in the sun when I looked at the weather report and noticed that the temperature is heading into the mid 80’s this weekend. Las Vegas is heading into the best weather of the year!

As a visitor April and May were my favorite times of the year for Vegas weather. As a resident of Las Vegas (remember Vegas and Las Vegas are different) that has extended into March. March is when the weather begins to warm up and while it reaches perfection all the fun begins now. Outdoor drinking and dining have just started and soon I won’t be as dependent on sunlight to keep warm.

It’s officially pool season and the high temperatures are only in the mid 80’s. The low temperatures don’t feel as drastic as other times of the year and are in the 60’s which is almost perfect for the nighttime. In the next couple of months those highs will creep into the 90’s and begin to touch 100’s.

100 sounds brutal but it’s not. Zero humidity makes 100 degrees much more pleasant than anyone living in humidity will understand. The dry heat myth isn’t a myth.

The summer has its nice days but it gets a little too warm for my taste and even though I rarely get cold I can’t enjoy the winter days outside like I can in the spring. Sure the fall is nice too but that seems to last only a couple of weeks. Vegas has 2 more months of perfect weather ahead.

This is the best time of the year to live in or visit Vegas.

“Vegas” On CBS Got It’s Shot. Now We’re Done

Vegas” was what I expected – It was a typical cop drama from CBS and it’s not really about Las Vegas. After 3 minutes, I was pretty sure I didn’t like the show. I’m not sure if the show is good or bad, but it’s definitely not for me and it probably is bad. It feels as if this show was made for my parents.

Here’s my takeaway:

  • There’s a good guy. That’s the the tough guy cowboy played by Dennis Quaid.
  • There’s the mob guys. Played by Michael Chicklis and James Russo (who was better in his one episode of Las Vegas).
  • There’s othermpeople to fill time and create a plot around the guys mobsters and cowboy.
  • There’s the awful green screen looking scenes of Las Vegas that were filmed on a soundstage.

There was very little “Vegas” in the first episode of “Vegas”. Las Vegas scenery that seemed somewhat genuine might have kept me interested in the show, but the scenery they did have looked cartoony and bad.

Much like CBS’ last show set in Las Vegas, The Defenders, I’m only giving this one viewing and it’s off my DVR. Thankfully Las Vegas reruns are still on TNT.

“Vegas” Begins Tonight on CBS

Vegas” begins airing every Tuesday on CBS beginning tonight. The Las Vegas media is stoked about this show (they’re stoked on everything), but judging from this trailer it seems more focused on a cowboy vs. a mobster then about the great city of Las Vegas.

The show is set in the early days of Las Vegas so I won’t be able to enjoy the inconsistencies of this show as I do in the NBC show “Las Vegas“.

I’m not expecting much from this show but I’ll go into the show open minded hoping for the best.

10 Best Days To Watch Sports In Las Vegas (2012)

This article from Forbes titled “10 Best Las Vegas Sports Events – And Where To Watch Them” may have been paid for by MGM Resorts as there are sportsbooks here that nobody will ever recommend and half the list is MGM properties. Additionally, the write ups seem forced or written by someone that doesn’t gamble or has been to Vegas in years. Besides the possibly fraud of a sportsbook Top 10 list the article it provides another list that is a little more realistic, The 10 Biggest Sporting Events Worth Going to Vegas For (in order):

1. NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Opening Weekend (Days 1-4)
2. The Super Bowl
3. TIE: Kentucky Derby (General Public) & Breeders’ Cup (Horse Racing Devotees)
4. Any Big Boxing Title Fight
5. College Football Season Saturdays
6. New Year’s Day Bowl Games (especially when on weekend like this year)
7. Any Sunday in NFL Season
8. NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Final Four
9. Soccer World Cup (draws huge international crowds)
10. TIE: Indy 500/ NASCAR Daytona

There are only 2 things missing on this list and they are the NBA playoffs and BCS Championship Game. I’ve watched quite a few NBA playoff gams at the sportsbooks and there are definitely people betting and watching the games – no matter what round. I can’t say the same for any kind of auto racing. Showing that demand is high for the BCS Championship game, Wynn opened the Encore Theater this year for the final game in the college football season.

You could easily remove either auto racing event. Few sports bettors wager on auto racing and most people at the sportsbooks aren’t there to watch auto racing. In fact, there are days when auto races aren’t even on in sportsbooks. I understand that the Daytona 500 and Indy 500 are big fish in their pond, but their pond is small.

I was at the Mandalay Bay sportsbook when and they were airing a USA soccer friendly against Mexico and the place was going crazy. Even though the World Cup is only every four years, I can only imagine that sportsbooks will be swelling with people from all over the world. H0wever, if another event has to be pulled from this list to make room for the BCS Championship game it would be the World Cup.

As a baseball fan, its sad for me to think that the World Series doesn’t belong here, but I really don’t know what I’d remove from this list (besides racing) to add it.

To the list’s credit I’ve been told, multiple times this week, that the first weekend of March Madness is even crazier than the Super Bowl at the sportsbooks. I avoided the sportsbooks last year but I may peek in to see what the action is like. I’m experimenting on the strip with the Super Bowl, why not for the madness!

You know my favorite sportsbooks on the strip are Lagasse’s Stadium at Palazzo and the sportsbook at Venetian. If you want a book off the strip you know I love the sportsbook at Red Rock casino.

Note: I don’t have any idea if MGM paid for their sportsbooks to be featured, nor am I sure why I care. However, Forbe’s Top 10 list bothered me enough that I will provide a more accurate Top 10 sportsbooks in Vegas list later this week from someone that actually lives, vacations and gambles in Vegas sportsbooks.

When in Vegas for Business

When people think of Las Vegas, they often think of a city where people travel to for long weekends, spend lots of money on gambling and/or clubs, and then head home. But Las Vegas has a much different kind of customer, one that fills in the gaps for those long weekends: the business traveller.  Traveling to Las Vegas for business can be a different experience and Bloomberg has a guide for the business traveller.

This guide is awesome, but I’m not sure how it pertains to specifically business travellers.  Sure there’s no mention of day/night clubs and bars, but there’s plenty of information on gambling and strip clubs.  In my world, when people travel on business, there is a need to act professional. I’m not sure how strip clubs fit into all of that.

All of that aside, the article is full of good advice.  There is really good information that the occasional visitor wouldn’t know.  Things such as:

  • Cabs can’t pick you up on the side of the road
  • House edge for many popular casino games
  • Using a players card every time you gamble
  • Put all charges you can on your hotel bill
  • Avoid ATMs at the casino

I think the information in this article isn’t so much for a business traveller as it is for anyone who just needs to know some tips for having a good time in Las Vegas.  After all, who wouldn’t want to know how to get casino comps, save on transportation, and know the right games to play?  These tips are valuable and can go a long way to helping someone maximize their Vegas experience.