This Is Why The Vegas Strip Is Changing

Vegas Strip At Night
Vegas Strip At Night

I’ve been discussing changes on the Vegas strip for a while, but came across numbers to solidify why these changes are happening.

The trend is continuing and growing at Strip casinos that make more money off their rooms, restaurants and entertainment than from the table games and slots.

“Spending patterns are changing,” Michael Lawton, (senior research analyst for the control board) told the forum. His chart showed that since 1999, the nongaming revenues have surpassed the games and slots.

Nongaming revenues have been increasing every year for 13 years and Las Vegas casinos are finally deciding to follow those changes in consumer preference on a large-scale.

Looking back, when the Cosmopolitan opened in December 2010 it may have been a sign that things would be different in Las Vegas. Their focus has been on creating a casino to eat, drink and party. Not a casino to gamble.

While people (including me) looked at their poor gaming revenue as being bad for the casino, they may be looked at as a trail blazer for the new Las Vegas – even if they are sold and losing tons of money every quarter. Their short-term losses may become long-term a win.

We’re seeing sportsbooks get smaller (at Flamingo) because they don’t generate the same revenue that renting space to a place selling $15 margaritas does (at Carlos & Charlies). Sportsbooks are being farmed out to companies like William Hill or Cantor Gaming and streamlined to the point where they may be obsolete in the future.

While some slot machines are being taken off the floor for electronic table games some of that space is also being devoted to new restaurants.

Thankfully there are still gaming tables for people like me but expect less of the Vegas casino to be devoted to that kind of fun since that seems to be what the majority of customer money is being spent on.

More changes later this week as we head downtown.


Vegas Strip Is The Brightest Spot On Earth

I was doing some reading over the weekend when I came across a cool article from NASA with pictures and discussion about viewing cities across the world from space…at night. The article is a few years old but there are lots of cool pictures. Of course, I’m mostly focused on Las Vegas (photo above).

The “Vegas Strip” of casinos and hotels—reputed to be the brightest spot on Earth—stands out in the center of this image due to both its brightness and its diversity of light colors.

This isn’t anything that’s news to people that frequent Las Vegas, but this is a unique view of Las Vegas and I wanted to share that. I’m assuming that the giant green dot of light that stands out at the bottom of the photo is the light beam that shoots out of the Luxor. Pretty cool.

If you’re a world traveller the entire article is worth a glimpse, if only for the pictures.

Best Las Vegas Show On TV

I watch just about any show on TV that includes Las Vegas. Las Vegas will probably always be my favorite TV show about Vegas, but it’s almost 10 years old and I’ve probably seen every episode 20 timesTravel Channel and Destination America keep recycling 20+ year old shows that are so out of date they’re fun to watch.

Now in its 3rd season I’m finally realizing how great the TV show Vegas Strip, on Tru TV, actually is. The show is basically a less serious version of the show Cops that takes place on the Las Vegas strip. This makes sense since the show is produced by the co-creator of “Cops”, Morgan Langley.

Unlike “Cops”, the show focuses on less serious crime and life on the strip.You’ll find more dealing with drunks and prostitutes then you will serious crime.

The cops post up between Planet Hollywood and Harrah’s which is where most of the action takes place. Every now and again a car will catch fire in front of Bellagio, but most of the drunk raging takes place in front of a Caesars property.

If you’re missing Las Vegas then “Vegas Strip” will fill the Vegas void in your life. “Vegas Strip” is a light hearted 22 minutes of the fun that takes place on a night on the Vegas strip. I can dig that.

Vegas Strip airs Monday night at 10pm on Tru TV.

If you get sucked into “Vegas Strip” (which you shouldn’t) you can buy episodes of all 3 seasons on Amazon.

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Vegas Strip Sportsbooks Destroyed You

I like to bet on sports, but I tend to stay away from the Vegas Strip when it comes to sports gaming since I live down the street from Red Rock Casino.  Also, if it decides to work, I can use my netbook to bet online legally.

At the end of May and into the beginning of June I had one of my worst strings of sports gaming.  In fact, it was so bad I stopped betting after a week into June.  I figured time would do me some good to stay away and I was right.  Thankfully, I’m back to normal now peppering my losses with wins.

Looking at the gaming numbers from May, it seems as if I’m not the only person who did poorly with sports.  In fact, while casinos on the Vegas strip improved almost 30% in overall gaming income in May they destroyed sports bettors!

Casinos on the Las Vegas Strip chalked up a 28.9 percent jump in winnings in May, the biggest increase since February 2010.

The gain was led by baccarat, up 129.7 percent, and by the sports books, which saw a 511.7 percent jump.

The casinos improved by 500% in May (year over year) which means bettors lost 5 times as much this May as they did last year!  That’s a shocking number to look at but the only thing this says to me is that the smart bettors aren’t doing much sports gaming on the strip, which wouldn’t be much of a surprise to me.  The strip is mostly tourists who mostly bet with their heart and not their head.

Porn Peddlers First, Old People Next?

The tough talkin politicians of Clark County are taking aim at one of the core groups that slow down people movement on the Las Vegas Strip – porn peddlers aka porn slappers aka card snappers.

“You can’t restrict those you don’t like and allow those you do, even in a town that sometimes thinks that the Constitution only applies to certain industries,” he (Allen Lichtenstein, general counsel for the ACLU of Nevada) said. “We’re not talking about passing out handbills in front of your home. We’re talking about the Las Vegas Strip — you know, Sin City … ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.’ Not my words, the government’s words.”

I don’t know anybody that likes these dudes trying to push hookers and strip clubs on them while walking up or down the strip.  They must prove fruitful for someone because they are still there.

I grew up in New York City and have learned how to easily avoid people in my way.  However, on my last trip to Vegas I was slowed by an inundation of these guys while walking the strip.  I was also slowed by old people, tourists and kids.  If Clark County can get rid of all four of those groups it would be much easier to navigate the strip.

Photo: Las Vegas Sun