Rumor: LVH May Become Vegas International Casino and Hotel

At the end of 2011 Hilton decided not to renew their license with the casino that’s been known as the Las Vegas Hilton for years. The owners decided to keep continuity with the name by calling the property LVH. Well, the LVH has new owners and may have another new name next year.

Could the casino now known as the LVH wind up with the name Vegas International Casino + Hotel?

American Casino and Entertainment Properties LLC (ACEP), which applied for a trademark for the name and accompanying logo, is in the middle of the month during which outsiders can register their opposition. This standard part of the process ends Nov. 22.

Executives at ACEP, owned by an affiliate of Goldman Sachs & Co., declined to comment on what they would do with the name. “What’s in the public record is in the public record,” said spokeswoman Kathy Topp.

If you’re familiar with Vegas history you might remember that this property was called Vegas International before becoming the Hilton. Back then it was home to a guy named Elvis.He’s kind of a big deal.

Renaming the hotel Vegas International and bringing back Vegas history may help the casino find some identity and a niche with older Las Vegas vacationers. The article mentions that many of the acts already booked at LVH would make sense with this possible vintage rebranding.

If the LVH opts to adopt a version of its original International name, it would fit with an entertainment lineup heavy with acts that gray-haired guests can remember from when they were young. The current lineup includes impressionist Rich Little, the Doobie Brothers, a Rat Pack tribute group and an Elvis impersonator, reprising the hotel’s most famous headliner.

LVH is a filthy lifeless dump of a casino that offers nothing besides a large sportsbook and something to do when taking a break from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This rebranding, along with a major deep cleaning and new ventilation, could help the casino continue to stay in business.

photo: Elvis Australia (1961 at Vegas International)

Just What is Vegas International?

Yes, I’m a bit late on this but I’ve also been out of town.  Now that I’m back and catching up I wanted to touch on this.  Last week on the VegasTripping boards Twitter friend @vespajet noticed that American Casino Entertainment Properties (ACEP), owners of the Stratosphere, have registered the trademark the name Vegas International Hotel and Casino.  The logo they registered is above and ACEP has also registered the domain

The discussion began with some surmising that the Stratosphere could be renamed soon.  However, in a later comment, Vespajet made the point that “ACEP is a subsidiary of Whitehall Street Real Estate Funds, which is a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs. Whitehall Street owns a 40% stake in the LVH and Goldman Sachs last Fall filed for foreclosure on the LVH due to missed payments on a loan.”

I think that is the smoking gun  I mentioned in a VegasChatter piece on Wednesday that the LVH still has yet to replace any signage.  All signs either have Hilton covered up or removed, but no new LVH signage has been added.  I made the comment that LVH is clearly a holding name, like when the Atlantic City Hilton became ACH and then The Atlantic Club.

When you factor in that the original name of the former Las Vegas Hilton was The International, the name makes some sense.  It gives the property an identity beyond some initials.  However a new name won’t simply make the place great.  Hopefully along with the name will come the much needed maintenance and upgrades the property so desperately needs.