Love The Cosmo Wrap Around Suites? Live There For $1.3 Million

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Suite
Cosmopolitan Suite

Love the wrap around suites at the Cosmopolitan? Well, you can buy one in the East Tower for a cool mil from Caldwell Banker.

THE ONLY EAST TOWER UNIT FOR SALE! Fabulous panoramic views from Corner Wrap Around Terrace Suite unit, Views Facing South & West. 456 s/f balcony overlooks The Cosmopolitan pools, City Center, Bellagio. Rental Program & Condo-Hotel. Enjoy a Las Vegas Blvd. address at The Cosmopolitan, Platinum status membership, VIP owner privileges.

Unfortunately this condo at the Cosmo faces south and west so you don’t get to see the fountains at Bellagio or anything on the Vegas Strip heading north. In my opinion facing north on the strip is much nicer.

In addition to the lesser view you are low enough where you may hear music from concerts at the Boulevard Pool. Of course, that might also be great. Here’s a tour a wrap around suite facing north.

If you’re looking to live in the middle of the action of the Vegas Strip you might get more bang for your buck at Veer Towers. Unlike a condo at Cosmo, you won’t have a casino right downstairs at Veer. You’ll have to put your shoes on and walk all the way to Aria.

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MGM Auction Was Fruitless but Fun

Last week I noticed that MGM was auctioning items from CityCenter and was stoked to find there there were some useful items.  I’m still furnishing my new apartment and in the market for a chair for my bedroom and a couple of end tables for the living room.  While these are *wants* and not *needs* they are things I’d like to finish out my joint.  After starting with ice buckets and such the auction turned to more useful items (for me).

Check the video of the auction

Unfortunately, I didn’t pull the trigger on the chairs I liked but I had a lot of fun watching and listening to the auction.  I was actually more caught up in it than I thought.  It didn’t help that I had my hootsuite open and there were about 10 or so people I follow equally caught up in the auction.

All in all this was fun for me and it was a good way for MGM to shed some of it’s, relatively, old CityCenter furnishings.  If you’re ever in the market for new things I would recommend checking out local hotels for auction and leftover sales items.

Furniture From CityCenter Up For Auction

Just saw this on Vegas Chatter and wanted to share ASAP!

Apparently, more than one thousand furnishings from ARIA, Vdara, Mandarin Oriental and Veer are being sold to the highest online bidders this Monday, February 21. A peek at the auction catalogue shows everything from ice buckets, scales and vanity mirrors to lamps, art, sofas and chairs. Most of the notes for each item report minor scratches, broken parts and/or wear, but some are seemingly damage free.

Unlike the Fontainebleau auction where they were only auctioning nuts and bolts to the public this CityCenter auction has stuff we can actually use (and want)!  Check out that chair above!  I’ll be signing up for the auction to see if I can finish furnishing my new joint on the cheap!  Details below.

Aria Commercial

Last week Aria posted a new commercial on youtube and facebook.  Unlike the Cosmopolitan commercial, I haven’t seen it on TV yet and don’t expect to.

The commercial fits the same profile as most MGM advertising over the past couple years.  It years to be sexy and multi-cultural while reminding you, briefly, that they have gambling.  While the ad looks good, it doesn’t resonate with me, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the target for the ad.

I have to imagine that their agency has found this type of advertising to work for MGM.  Maybe they should try sexy sales for the Veer Towers who don’t seem to be able to sell or rent their apartments at any price.

CityCenter Condo’s FLYING

Some love and some hate CityCenter.  It’s a big monolith on the Las Vegas strip.  There were such high hopes for this mega-complex to do well, but the poor economy doesn’t seem to be allowing it.  One of the features of CityCenter was the ability to purchase condos at the heart of the strip in either Vdara, Mandarin Oriental or Veer Towers.  CityCenter is fairing “well” relative to general condo sales in one of the hardest hit real estate markets in the country.

Grant Govertsen of Union Gaming Group says CityCenter has closed sales on nearly 200 of 2,400 available units, with total sales of $185 million.

Click here to find  out more! Govertsen says CityCenter has closed an average of 33 units per month, well ahead of the market average of four units per month.

This isn’t really good but, I guess, relative to the rest of the market you can say it is.  I have to imagine that most of those 200 sold were sold to investors looking to flip the condos and were forced to hold on to the condos since the market is so weak.
Expectations were so high for CityCenter that, unless all of the condos were sold by grand opening opening, there really wouldn’t be any satisfied onlookers.
At this pace condos will be sold out in 2016.  Hurry if you want to get in on the action.