Summer Vacation 

I’ve been planning my summer vacation for a couple weeks now. If you’ve been reading my work at Covers, you probably already know this. If you missed the first installment of vacation prep, you can read it here. I believe there are still 2 installments to be posted.

Well, it’s time for my Vegas Vacation!

Vegas Vacation (1997) Trailer

Where the hell is the damn dam tour?

“Vegas Vacation” is only $5 on DVD on Amazon!

I’d like to make this as close to a real vacation so I’ll be trying to stay away from my laptop most of the week. I’ll be on Twitter sporadically and will share photos and videos on Facebook and Instagram as time allows. My phone is near death and snapchat kills my battery, so I’ll only be using that when I’m near a place where I can charge quickly.

If you want to keep up on my work for the week, check the “find my work” links to the left. On a related note, I’ll fix the formatting of the site when I return.

Vegas Vacation Notes

Bellagio Las Vegas

Every trip I take in Vegas I usually take notes whenever I have a free moment. These notes are reminders of what happened and usually lead to bigger articles and posts in the future. As you’ll see this vacation was a bit hazy but here ya go!

D grill – bat toast
Fremont hotel
DTG – lose BJ
Pizza Rock – NYer. Fantastic
Fremont casino AC awful
D craps 45 minute roll
Pizza rock HH loud
D cafe closes 10p
FSE shit show
$3 3 foot hot dog. Oy.

D grill
Flamingo “hey, the room is free”
Fab room – bad cell reception/data

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EDGe Vegas Summer Vacation

Good thing it won't be too hot while I'm vacationing

It’s time for a little summer vacation! Every year since I’ve lived in Las Vegas I hit Downtown Vegas and the Vegas Strip like a tourist for a week in the summer. This year will be no different.

I’ll have posts up on Vegas Chatter, Travel Vegas and Covers but aside of a post for World Cup prop bets EDGe Vegas will take a vacation for the week so I can Eat, Drink and Gamble.

I’ll post pictures of the fun on twitterinstagram and/or facebook. If I see any interesting news I’ll just share on twitter.

Happy Summer!

Las Vegas Is The Most Affordable Vacation In America

Aria Marquee At Night
Aria Marquee At Night

Last week Trip Advisor released their TripIndex list of the most affordable places to vacation in America and Las Vegas came in as the cheapest. How ’bout that?!

Among TripIndex Cities, Honolulu rings up the biggest tab as the most expensive U.S. destination with a TripIndex cost of $504.94, while Las Vegas offers the most affordable stay at $272.94.

Typically I find lists like this to be a waste for customers as they’re generated to sell something or gain traffic but Trip Advisor has been around long enough not to make me laugh at their lists. That’s not to say Trip Advisor isn’t using TripIndex to gain traffic but it’s generally the place everyone I know looks for travel reviews. Once you scrape through the 90% of reviews that are fake or people with an axe to grind there is useful information.

Prices for luxury hotels on the Vegas Strip and resort fees take the attention away from how affordable Vegas can still be for people if that’s what they want. I don’t always want a vacation on a budget but my hotel room at The D for my summer vacation is only $50 on a Saturday (My $40 room was pretty sweet). I’ll be using my fancy Platinum Total Rewards status to get free rooms at Flamingo for the rest of my time away. This will allow me to blow more money on steak and gambling. You can’t hate that!

Mid-range hotels in places like New York City, San Francisco and Hawaii will often cost a couple hundred dollars per night while the average daily cost for a room in Vegas is just over $100. Not too shabby.

The TripIndex list also has Miami and New Orleans on the cheapest places to vacation. I’m really not a fan of anywhere in Florida for vacation but I looooooove New Orleans and will always recommend that a place to visit. Beside great food, drink and culture they have casinos. Harrah’s is walking distance to just about every tourist area as well as Mother’s where you will get one of the best Po’ Boys in the city.