Not All Casinos Have The Same Customer

Misfit Right In Says Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Ad
Misfit Right In Says The Cosmopolitan

People that visit casinos know that they all cater to different audiences but never has this been more apparent than the current TV commercials for  Cosmopolitan and Boyd Gaming (Gold Coast, Suncoast, The Orleans & Sams Town).

Cosmopolitan “Misfit Right In”

Boyd Gaming “Cheers”

Both ads have a very specific target and, for the most part, those two customers won’t be the same person as evidenced by the look and sound of both ads. Both ads are appropriate for their desired customer.

The Cosmo has always positioned itself as bright, new and cutting edge hotel for a young customer. This ad successfully conveys that message while giving the customer the idea that they, the customer, are a little different. If you walk through the Cosmo you’ll see that their customers are much more alike then they think. Ironically, you’ll find a more diverse customers at a Boyd Casino.

The Boyd ad targets on an older local casino customer. “Cheers” was a popular TV show because it was the local bar where “everyone knows your name“. Not only is the song nostalgic but it represents a comfortable place to grab dinner, drinks and gamble. That comforting feeling of the casino being your local watering hole hits home as I’ve claimed the sportsbook bar at Red Rock Resort to be my local bar.

Even though both ads are drastically different, so are their customers. Both ads represent their brand well. One thing that should be noted is that Cosmo ad is a national ad while the Boyd Gaming ad is used mostly in Las Vegas.

Coincidentally I’m a potential customer for both casinos as there are some days that I want to hang with the cool kids and pretty people while there are other days I just want to hang at a bar playing video poker talking with the bartender who really does remember my name. Both ads work for me and that’s pretty amazing considering how different they are.

Casino Confidential Brings Binions To TV

Binions Downtown Las Vegas On TLC

Green Valley Ranch, Golden Nugget and South Point have been backdrop for TV shows in the past. Reality shows based inside casinos are awesome. They may not be good but they’re awesome.

TLC is bringing a new Las Vegas TV show set in a casino beginning April 4 with “Casino Confidential“. “Casino Confidential” is based on what happens with the staff at Binions Casino. Here’s what TLC says about the show:

Unruly high rollers, all-night party goers, and bachelor parties gone rogue; that’s Casino Confidential. For the staff at Las Vegas’ legendary Binion’s Casino, it’s all in a day’s work to make sure everything runs smoothly. In this high octane and no holds barred docu-soap all is exposed. With the extraordinary events and crazy characters that descend on the hottest party venue in Sin City.

The trailer for “Casino Confidential” doesn’t tell much more about the show but at least based in a casino and it’s not “Sin City Rules“. The downtown Vegas element should make for fun TV. Unfortunately I don’t appear in “Casino Confidential”. Regardless, my TiVo is set!

National Heads Up Poker Tournament Returns

National Heads Up Poker Tournament is one of the more popular poker tournaments on TV. It took a break last year after Black Friday but it returns to NBC in 2013. The made for TV tournament is recorded at Caesars Palace. Here’s the scoop.

NBC Sports Group today announced the return of the National Heads-Up Poker Championship to NBC and NBC Sports Network. Coverage of the invitational tournament from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nev., includes three original airings on NBC and three on NBC Sports Network beginning March 14 at 9 p.m. ET.

The National Heads-Up Poker Championship features 64 of the world’s most compelling poker players as they compete in a series of Heads-Up matches (one-on-one games of No Limit Texas Hold’em). The tournament is a single-elimination, bracket-style format modeled after the NCAA Basketball tournament. A player wins a match and advances to the next round; wins six matches and becomes the National Heads-Up Poker Champion. 

This year’s event marks the eighth installment of the National Heads-Up Poker Championship. For the seventh time, the tournament will be held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nev., a resort with a long history of exclusive poker tournaments and cash games.  The reigning champion is eight-time WSOP bracelet winner Erik Seidel, who defeated 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Chris Moneymaker to win the title.  Previous Heads-Up Poker Championship competitors have included Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey and Antonio Esfandiari.

Here’s the TV schedule if you don’t have tivo to record each episode for you.

DATE             TIME             NETWORK
March 14         9 p.m.             NBC Sports Network
March 21         9 p.m.             NBC Sports Network
March 28        9 p.m.              NBC Sports Network
April 6             1 p.m.              NBC
April 13           1 p.m.              NBC
April 20           1 p.m.              NBC

The National Heads Up Poker Tournament is still a fun poker show to watch because it’s different than most poker you’ll see on TV. The tournament is all professional poker players and celebrities playing one on one in a 64 person tournament. It used to be perfect Sunday afternoon TV on NBC but as you can see from the schedule it’s now on NBC and NBC Sports.

The only information about the show I can’t seem to find out right now is whether or not Leann Tweeden will return as host. She’s pretty popular with the fellas. I’ll update this post when I find out who’s hosting this year’s National Heads Up Poker Tournament.

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Sin City Rules Cancelled

Sin City Rules TV Show
Sin City Rules

The idea behind Sin City Rules wasn’t something that I’d typically watch but it was based in Las Vegas and had scenery from Las Vegas so I watched it. Any Las Vegas on TV makes my DVR plus I was in one of the episodes so I HAD to watch it. You know what? “Sin City Rules” was an awful show. I’ve never heard a positive word spoken about the show.

Ratings were so low that TLC moved the show from Sunday night to Tuesday night. However, TLC couldn’t change the content of the show. It was still awful. It was so bad that a low tier cable station cancelled “Sin City Rules” before the season even ended.

The cast of “Sin City Rules” was told this week the show is going to be pulled from the TLC schedule after five of eight shows in its first (and only) season have aired, but it will still be available on the TLC official website.

I’m a fan of just about anything on TV involving Las Vegas but “Sin City Rules” was almost too bad for me to handle. Almost in that I watched every horrible episode. However, it was the last TV show I would catch up on every week. For comparison, I watch Vegas Strip the morning after it airs. I won’t be bothered to watch “Sin City Rules” online. I don’t care enough about these broads to make the effort.

Hey, at least my episode made it to air.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Coming In March

The Incredible Burt Wonderston” finally has a release date scheduled for this March 15. Along with that release date there is a trailer available to tease you about the magician comedy. Here’s the premise of the movie:

Burt Wonderstone (Carell) and Anton Marvelton (Buscemi) are a successful magic act in Las Vegas. Their partnership comes to an end when Anton is injured by Burt during their hotbox trick, and Anton moves to the Far East. When Burt is overshadowed by popular street magician Steve Gray (Carrey), he must convince Anton to return to the act to regain his standing by all means necessary.

Magic and Las Vegas are a perfect fit. Too bad I don’t like magic shows. After watching the trailer below I think that Anton Marvelton (Steve Buscemi) and Olivia Wilde (just because she’s Olivia Wilde) may be the highlights of “The Incredible Burt Wonderston” for me.

Finishing the production of this movie was quick. You may remember that this movie was filmed all over Las Vegas last summer. Even though I don’t watch too many movies any movie based in Vegas has my interest and there is a lot of Las Vegas eye candy in this trailer.

I don’t think I’ll head to a movie theater to see “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” but it doesn’t seem bad. It just doesn’t seem great.  The trailer almost seems as if this is a movie destined to be more popular on Netflix or on TBS on a random Sunday afternoon.

Stewie Griffin Loves Craps!

I love Family Guy and I watch it religiously. The show is on pretty often and reruns are quick to hit cable TV. This episode that originally aired earlier this season is already being mixed in with the reruns features Stewie going to Las Vegas.

This Las Vegas cut-away from Family Guy has little to do with episode, but it’s a pretty funny look at the ups and downs of a weekend in Las Vegas.

Also, Stewie is playing craps!

“Sin City Rules” Is Almost Here

You may remember this summer I mentioned that I would be guest starring in a show that was essentially Real Housewives of Las Vegas. The show seems to have undergone a handful of working titles (like “High Rollers”)  but they’ve settled on Sin City Rules. The show looks like formulaic Bravo or TLC reality fodder but it’s in Las Vegas so it has to be awesome. Right?

Here’s how TLC describes Sin City Rules.

Get ready for a wild ride — the women of Sin City Rules are about to take over your TV sets! TLC’s new show features five of the most powerful women in Las Vegas, as they take on high stakes world of gambling, sex and excess. The cast includes one of the world’s top poker players; a fashion designer with a taste for guns; the business-minded daughter of an infamous mob boss, a powerful cosmetics mogul and an entertainment reporter with a pageant-queen past.


How do I know I’ll be appearing in Sin City Rules? Because I’m in the trailer above! I haven’t seen this trailer since I was made aware that I’m in it a couple weeks ago. I was stoked for the show because I’m a sucker a) for shows in Vegas and b) shows like this but now I’m super stoked! This show must be awesome since they fast tracked it from beginning in 2013!

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The premiere of Sin City Rules is Sunday, December 9 @ 10|9c.

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Best Las Vegas Show On TV

I watch just about any show on TV that includes Las Vegas. Las Vegas will probably always be my favorite TV show about Vegas, but it’s almost 10 years old and I’ve probably seen every episode 20 timesTravel Channel and Destination America keep recycling 20+ year old shows that are so out of date they’re fun to watch.

Now in its 3rd season I’m finally realizing how great the TV show Vegas Strip, on Tru TV, actually is. The show is basically a less serious version of the show Cops that takes place on the Las Vegas strip. This makes sense since the show is produced by the co-creator of “Cops”, Morgan Langley.

Unlike “Cops”, the show focuses on less serious crime and life on the strip.You’ll find more dealing with drunks and prostitutes then you will serious crime.

The cops post up between Planet Hollywood and Harrah’s which is where most of the action takes place. Every now and again a car will catch fire in front of Bellagio, but most of the drunk raging takes place in front of a Caesars property.

If you’re missing Las Vegas then “Vegas Strip” will fill the Vegas void in your life. “Vegas Strip” is a light hearted 22 minutes of the fun that takes place on a night on the Vegas strip. I can dig that.

Vegas Strip airs Monday night at 10pm on Tru TV.

If you get sucked into “Vegas Strip” (which you shouldn’t) you can buy episodes of all 3 seasons on Amazon.

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Shocker: Angel Porrino Is Up Next At PeepShow

Holly Madison is knocked up and leaving PeepShow. Before Coco takes over, Angel Porrino will hold down the fort.

Reality TV star and Las Vegas darling Holly Madison’s one-time assistant Angel Porrino, who also has graced the pages of Playboy, is about to step into her former boss’s high-heeled shoes as Bo Peep in “Peepshow” at Planet Hollywood. Angel, who starred with Holly in “Holly’s World,” starts Oct. 22 and will perform through Dec. 2.

Rapper and actor Ice-T’s curvy and buxom wife Coco, aka Nicole Austin, takes over as Bo Peep starting Dec. 3 and continues through March, when it’s likely that another guest star will be added.

Angel makes sense in this role as she was an understudy for Holly Madison for a while. She doesn’t have another platform to promote PeepShow besides being in Absinthe for a few minutes so don’t expect this to become a reoccurring role. If you’d like to speculate on Coco’s replacement take into account the following.

  • Find a girl with fake #SquareBoobs
  • Think of someone on just leaving a reality TV series
  • Check out 30-something ex-Playboy playmates in another field (Music, Acting, Etc.)

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