Drunk History Does Las Vegas


This isn’t news, but something I just want to share. Sometimes I’m a little slow to catch on to things. One of the recent things that I’ve been slow to embrace was the TV show “Drunk History” on Comedy Central.

The show is a mellow kind of fun which I generally don’t have patience for. However, in the past 10 days, I watched the last 2 seasons and will watch the rest soon. I didn’t like the show my first few times watching a couple of years ago but have come to really like it.

Here are two of the three segments from the episode of “Drunk History” devoted to Las Vegas. You can watch full episodes of “Drunk History” at CC.com.

Buy on Amazon: Seasons 1 & 2 are $10 and Season 3 on DVD is $20.





Here’s some information about the show from Comedy Central: Based on the popular web series, Drunk History is the liquored-up narration of our nation’s history. Host Derek Waters, along with an ever-changing cast of actors and comedians, travels across the country to present the rich tales that every city in this land has to offer. Booze helps bring out the truth. It’s just that sometimes the truth is a little incoherent.

Buy on Amazon: Seasons 1 & 2 are $10 and Season 3 on DVD is $20.

Complimentary Tickets For Penn & Teller’s Fool Us

Penn & Teller’s Fool Us

Penn & Teller's Fool Us
Penn & Teller’s Fool Us


Just got this press release and figured I’d share:

Complimentary tickets are available to be in the studio audience for Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino headliners Penn & Teller’s Fool Us.
Prepare to witness the biggest magic competition you will ever see … The country’s most talented magicians are gathering in Las Vegas to perform tricks in front of the world famous magic-comedy duo Penn & Teller and host Jonathan Ross. If Penn & Teller can’t explain how a trick was done, the magician (or magicians) who performed it win a five-star trip to perform in Penn & Teller’s show at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas!
The show is taping April 7-15, 2016 in the Penn & Teller Theater at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.
The minimum age to attend is 14. For taping times, additional information and to print free tickets, please visit mytvtickets.com.

New link for FREE tickets to see Penn & Teller’s Fool Us

James Corden Take a Break: Planet Hollywood

James Corden at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas
Dealing poker at Planet Hollywood

James Corden just recorded a “Take a Break” segment on the Late Late Show at Planet Hollywood.

He joins the housekeeping staff for a pillow fight, deals a little poker, works the taxi line and finishes the night filling in as a bellman.


Photo: Hollywood Reporter

There’s No Gambling In The New Las Vegas

Transformation Guy. The New Las Vegas Guy.
Transformation Guy. The guy you want to be in Vegas?

Remember Las Vegas when you were a kid? The glitz, the glamour, the gambling? Well, unfortunately, that’s not Las Vegas today.

The new commercial from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCA) has shows absolutely no gambling or casino at all. This is the New Las Vegas. (This is not the New America, thankfully.)

This kind of ad should come with little surprise. Gambling has been less of a revenue source for casinos every year for the past 20 years or so. There hasn’t been much, if any, gambling shown in recent ads for MGM Resorts or Cosmopolitan, for example.

The LVCA tells CalvinAyre.com that the exclusion wasn’t planned but that’s probably not true. Casinos have been marketing themselves as all-purpose hotels (that may or may not have gambling) for the past few years. After all that’s what has been generating increased revenue from younger customers.

This commercial doesn’t make me want to visit Vegas. That being said I’m not the person they’re targeting with this ad and it’s probably not an awful commercial . What do you think?

Get Tickets To New Pawn Stars Game Show “Pawnography”

Pawn Stars TV Show
Pawn Stars

Tickets to be a part of the taping for the new Pawn Stars game show on the History channel are available now. Taping takes place all week long. There’s always a line outside of Gold & Silver Pawn so I’m surprised that there are tickets available for most of the episodes.

If you’re in Vegas this week you can sign up for tickets here. The show will be about a 10 minute car ride from the Vegas Strip. Studio and show information below if you’re curious.

Las Vegas Production Studios
4290 Las Vegas Studio Ct. 
Las Vegas, NV 89103

One of cable’s most popular series is getting a game show! The new game show will be taped in front of a live studio audience. In each episode, contestants will compete against each other and the “Pawn Stars” cast in rounds of trivia questions that escalate in difficulty. At stake are cash prizes and coveted items from the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawnshop co-owner Rick Harrison’s personal collection. In each episode, Rick and Corey Harrison, along with Chumlee Russell, will “vigorously defend their treasured items from confident and brainy contestants.”


Surprise! ESPN Analysts Aren’t Actual Analysts

NFL Logo

ESPN on-air talent is mostly made up of former players disguised as analysts and communications majors as the play-by-play or “straight guy”. To be fair most sports on television is set up like this. Players are trusted by the general public to offer an educated opinion based on their experience. That’s a fallacy. The Linemakers shed light on this after analyzing ESPN’s analysis of the NFL schedule earlier this week.

ESPN asked each of the 32 team experts for their predictions of the regular-season records for the teams they cover. ESPN admits the predictions were made independently of other experts, and that’s great, because we want to see what each of these “experts” honestly and independently think without consulting with their cohorts around the league.

Still …. with 32 teams playing 16 games, there are a total of 256 games. Thus, there are 256 winners and 256 losers (ties aside). So when these reporters predicted the regular-season records, we should see exactly 256 winners and 256 losers. But of course, that isn’t what happened.

When the 32 “experts” predicted the each team’s 2014 record after seeing the NFL schedule released on Wednesday:

— There were 290 “wins” and only 222 “losses”

— Only five teams were projected to finish sub-.500: the Redskins (7-9), Bills (7-9), Jaguars (7-9), Browns (6-10) and Raiders (5-11)

–13 teams were projected to record double-digit wins

For comparison, over the last three years, an average of 14 teams per year finished sub-.500.

Furthermore, projecting 290 wins equates to 9.1 wins per team. Essentially, on average, these “experts” project the average team will be BETTER than 9-7! Again, ludicrous and impossible.

I’m not going to bash ESPN because they’re an entertainment network more than a place for analysis. In fact, most of what you see on TV is for mainstream entertainment. It’s a shame that we need to police what’s on TV but it’s great that people like Warren Sharp can analyze this information and share the truth.

Without getting too preachy, it’s important to be aware of what the mainstream media passes of as fact if you bet on sports – especially football. Football is the most popular sport on TV and most popular sport to bet on. The general betting public listens to these talking heads and bets based on this information. While some of the information shared by the talking heads on TV may be true it’s not all true and it’s not all based on fact.

Knowing when false information is being shared on TV is helpful. Use that information to your advantage when betting. There’s a place for mainstream information and a place for analytical information. When combined you have a powerful combination. You can see that by the podcasts I listen to.

SLS Las Vegas On CBS This Morning

SLS Las Vegas Rendering
SLS Las Vegas Rendering

SLS Las Vegas was featured on a segment about owner Sam Nazarian on yesterday’s CBS This Morning. There isn’t much new information here besides the fact that SLS will own all retail outlets on the property. I’m not sure that’s really new but it hasn’t been talked about much.

SLS Las Vegas isn’t being built for the gambler. As I wrote on Vegas Chatter earlier this year there won’t be a poker room or a traditional sit down sportsbook (the sportsbook will be more of a sports bar where you can bet on games). SLS Las Vegas is looking at gaming to be less than 1/3 of their revenue so we can expect poor gaming odds and payouts.

It’s nice to see progress for this hotel which will sit where Sahara once did. By the time I happened upon Sahara it was a sad dilapidated hotel ready to die. It didn’t encourage me to learn about its history. That’s slowly changing to the point of where I can appreciate it a little more.

I hope SLS Las Vegas keeps some of that history alive when the hotel is done. I was skeptical that this would ever open but SLS Las Vegas may be the beginning of a resurgence on the north end of the Vegas Strip.


The League Kicks Off Wednesday On FXX

The League TV Show
The League

The League kicks off its new season this Wednesday, September 4, at 10:30pm on a new station called FXX. If you’re not familiar with the show “The League” is semi-scripted show about a group of (mostly) guys in a fantasy football league. The show features on of my favorite comedians, Nick Kroll, and a handful of other funny guys. There are plenty of not-so-random appearances by NFL players throughout each season (You’ll see that in the preview below).

“The League” is easily one of my favorite shows on TV. The skill involved with being a comedian in a semi-scripted TV show allows for the actors to show real, off the cuff, talent. While fantasy football is the backdrop of the show the non-football scenes shouldn’t be discarded. One of my favorite characters from last season was Gina Gibiatti played by Brooklyn Decker. The character had nothing to do with football but was crudely brilliant.

To say I’m excited for the show is a bit of an undersell. I’ve been binge watching the first few seasons of “The League” for the third or fourth time on Netflix for the past week. You can find DVD’s and streams from all seasons of “The League” on Amazon.

FXX is a new all comedy channel from Fox. FXX will also be showing “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. It’s taking over the station that was formerly Fox Soccer so it’s probably not located anywhere that you’d find a random comedy channel. FXX has a website for you to locate the station. In Las Vegas you can find FXX on Cox channel 335 for the time being and there’s no HD available for FXX in Las Vegas (BOO!).

Here are some previews for the new season of “The League” and you can find a lot more previews and teasers on the FXX Facebook.

Rafi Domination League (Rafi is possibly the best TV character created in the past 10 years.)

Preview with everyone on the show and some NFL players


Football! Football!! Football!!!

Red Rock Resort Las Vegas Sportsbook
Red Rock Sportsbook

Replace baseball with football in the TV screens above. RIP baseball.

Football season kicks off tonight with a host of college football games throughout the various ESPN, Fox and CBS TV networks. It’s an amazing time of year in Las Vegas and the excitement for the first games of the season rivals the excitement for the big games. More money is bet on football than any other sport and the crowds in the sportsbooks prove that.

Yesterday I was at the Red Rock Casino sportsbook and it was already more crowded than a normal Wednesday for baseball season. There were lines at 3pm with people placing bets and there were football sheets left around all over. The Red Rock sportsbook looked as if they’re expecting a large crowd tonight as they set up cocktail tables which are reserved only for the busiest times of the year.

While baseball is my favorite sport football is catching up the longer I live in Las Vegas and I can’t wait for football! It begins in just a few hours!




I’ll be watching the games somewhere tonight… 

“Money Talks” On CNBC Previews

Steve Stevens From "Money Talks" Is A Sports Tout
Steve Stevens Is A Sports Tout

CNBC has a page on their website for Money Talks a sports betting docu-drama. By including drama in the description CNBC is intimating that the show isn’t real so take it for what it is.

“Money Talks” is being aired to entertain and not to show real life. I have a preview of the first episode and it makes being a sports betting tout look like a stock broker similar to the stock brokers in the movie “Trading Places“. The show begins on Tuesday September 10 at 9pm. (Note: Videos may not work on iPhone or iPad)

“Money Talks” Preview

“I’m A Bookie Killer”

“The excitement of gambling”

“Steve’s girlfriend visits”

‘Make a ton, spend a ton!’