Will SLS Las Vegas Be Tropicana Of The North?

Tropicana Las Vegas Trop Plus Players Club
Trop Plus Players Club

Armen Yemenidjian, VP of Casino Operations, at Tropicana recently did an interview with the local ABC affiliate explaining Trop Plus Locals. Trop Plus Locals is a separate players club from the normal Tropicana players club with benefits just for locals like special parking, extra rebates and large dining discounts. It’s been around since last year but they’ve been promoting it a lot in the local media lately.

The benefits are great for locals and really lay the groundwork on how SLS Las Vegas can market itself to locals. SLS Las Vegas has been touting that they want to be the casino for locals on the north end of the Vegas Strip. This program is essentially a marketing plan on how a casino is doing that (or trying to) on the South end of the Vegas Strip. See video for details.

New Tropicana Players Club: Trop Plus

Tropicana in Las Vegas continues its makeover with an update to their players club.  They recently introduced “Trop Plus” with chock full of new bonuses.

There’s nothing special here, but it’s been fun watching the Tropicana catching up to the competition.  There isn’t much incentive to visit Tropicana as opposed to any other casino.  If you plan on going here, this is a nice perk.

The changes at Tropicana are great to watch, but I’m looking forward and wondering what happens after they catch up to the competition.