Best Las Vegas Show On TV

I watch just about any show on TV that includes Las Vegas. Las Vegas will probably always be my favorite TV show about Vegas, but it’s almost 10 years old and I’ve probably seen every episode 20 timesTravel Channel and Destination America keep recycling 20+ year old shows that are so out of date they’re fun to watch.

Now in its 3rd season I’m finally realizing how great the TV show Vegas Strip, on Tru TV, actually is. The show is basically a less serious version of the show Cops that takes place on the Las Vegas strip. This makes sense since the show is produced by the co-creator of “Cops”, Morgan Langley.

Unlike “Cops”, the show focuses on less serious crime and life on the strip.You’ll find more dealing with drunks and prostitutes then you will serious crime.

The cops post up between Planet Hollywood and Harrah’s which is where most of the action takes place. Every now and again a car will catch fire in front of Bellagio, but most of the drunk raging takes place in front of a Caesars property.

If you’re missing Las Vegas then “Vegas Strip” will fill the Vegas void in your life. “Vegas Strip” is a light hearted 22 minutes of the fun that takes place on a night on the Vegas strip. I can dig that.

Vegas Strip airs Monday night at 10pm on Tru TV.

If you get sucked into “Vegas Strip” (which you shouldn’t) you can buy episodes of all 3 seasons on Amazon.

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Las Vegas On Travel Channel All Day Tuesday

I was listening to the Five Hundy By Midnight podcast a couple weeks ago and they gave a heads up that Travel Channel will be having an all Las Vegas day on Tuesday December 27. Well, that day is here. If you’re off it will give you some background noise. If you haven’t seen the 20 year old programs before you can TiVo the shows and see what you’ve missed over the past 20 years.

Of course, you’re better off watching the former NBC show “Las Vegas” which is on TNT twice daily and also available on Amazon if you really need access to every episode at all times.

Las Vegas TV Show
Las Vegas TV Show

Strangely enough you can’t watch “Las Vegas” on the, otherwise, awesome TNT app. Below is a small scale schedule of the Travel Channel programming. Head to your TV or Travel Channel website for more info.

First New Vegas Show On Travel Channel in Years

It was Sunday night and I was relaxing on the couch watching the last football game of the day – Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons. Between the action in the game I saw a tweet from Vegas Tripping’s own Misnoper about a new show about a new Travel Channel show about Las Vegas.

Vegas Insiders is one of the first new shows about Las Vegas on the Travel Channel in about 5 years, with most of their programming from about 10 years ago so I was looking forward to it. The show is part of Travel Channel’s “Ultimate Travel” series this month. The show itself looks like an infomercial for a VIP Hosting company called Vegas Knights. I don’t know if that was specifically bad, but the hosts weren’t very entertaining. If the show didn’t have so much Vegas eye candy it would have been turned off right away, but it was Vegas so it stayed on TV. Also, it was late by the time I got around to the show so it helped put me to sleep.

Much like with the other Travel Channel programming “Vegas Insiders” is the kind of show I’d watch if there was nothing else on and I didn’t want to move from the couch, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it. That being said, it’s a show based on Vegas with shots of Tropicana, Cosmopolitan, Caesars Palace and more so I will look at this again.