Johnny Football Now A Total Rewards Member

Johnny Manziel Playing Blackjack At Hard Rock Las Vegas
Johnny Manziel Playing Blackjack At Hard Rock

Ahhhh…Jonny Football. He loves Vegas and Vegas loves him.

On previous visits to Vegas, Jonny Manziel has been spotted playing low limits blackjack and in a men’s room with a rolled up dollar bill at the Hard Rock. It seems as though Johnny Football has moved on from the Hard Rock.

Last weekend Manziel was spotted at a new casino. Multiple reports say that Johnny Football was drinking and playing blackjack at Planet Hollywood.

There’s no photographic evidence showing that Manziel was at Planet Hollywood but a tweet says he was playing blackjack and using his Total Rewards players club card.

It doesn’t seem as though most athletes need or use a players club card but Johnny Football isn’t most athletes. If he continued his low rolling ways than Johnny Manziel is probably a lower level Total Rewards member and has to pay resort fees on his comp’d room. 

Furthermore, his $10-$15 hands of blackjack may not even be rated by Total Rewards. Blackjack players might be most interested to know that Johnny Football is most likely still playing 6:5 blackjack.

Alas, there’s no photographic proof that Johnny Football was actually in Vegas this weekend. Did he attend Britney Spears‘ first show of the new year? I guess we’ll never really know if he was in Vegas flashing his Total Rewards Gold Card around.

Please, Johnny Football, never change.

Photo – TMZ Sports

Update: Check this out if you’re amused by the entire Johnny Football in Vegas story.

2016 Total Rewards Tier Bonus Credits Available

Caesars Entertainment is offering Total Rewards tier bonus credits for the players club in 2016 when you spend money this year. You can find details from Total Rewards below.


2016 Total Rewards Bonus Schedule
2016 Total Rewards Bonus Schedule

If you’re a Total Rewards member and didn’t receive this email you may want to check your account to see if your settings are correct. Visit Total Rewards for more information.

Check the links to this post for discounted rooms at Caesars casinos in Vegas.

Total Rewards: Where $100 Meals Cost $200

Searsucker is now 2:1 With Total Rewards
Searsucker is now 2:1 With Total Rewards
For the past 5 or 6 years Caesars Entertainment has used a 2:1 Total Rewards dollar exchange ratio in many restaurants at their Atlantic City properties.

After about 2 years of rumors this 2:1 Total Rewards comp policy has just entered Las Vegas. Here are details from the Seven Star Insider newsletter (which you should sign up for):

Searsucker Sucks Twice The Comps

If you’re planning to try the newest restaurant at Caesars Palace, note that, while Searsucker accepts Reward Credits, it will be at the rate of 2:1, e.g., your $150 tab will consume 30,000 Reward Credits ($300).

So, this 2:1 Total Rewards point policy essentially cuts the value of your Total Rewards points in half when you dine at Searsucker. It’s possibly the most obnoxious players club policy I’ve come across since visiting casinos.

  • Good News: This policy hasn’t been unleashed across all Caesars Entertainment restaurants in Las Vegas.
  • Bad News: It’s probably only a matter of time before the majority of restaurants at Caesars Entertainment charge $2 Total Rewards for $1 in cash.

I don’t know how quickly this 2:1 Total Rewards point policy will roll out in Las Vegas but it seems like a good time to use them while the exchange rate is still 1:1 at most restaurants at Caesars Entertainment hotels.

Early reviews on Searsucker have been mostly positive. You can learn more about the restaurant here.

If you see 2:1 comps elsewhere in Las Vegas leave a comment and I’ll update this post.

Photo: Searsucker

Bally’s Early Check-In Via Mobile Phone

Bally's Early Check-In
Bally’s Early Check-In

If you’ve ever stayed at a Caesars Entertainment hotel in Las Vegas may have seen or stood in an incredibly long line for Total Rewards Gold members at check-in. It’s amazing how understaffed they are but that’s another story.

Now there’s a way to avoid those huge lines at Bally’s. As you can see from the in the image above you just have to visit on your mobile phone, enter your name, enter your check-in date and your reservation confirmation number.

You’ll receive a text when your room is ready.

That’s it. It’s a simple process. While you’ll save time checking into your room you probably won’t be able to talk your way into a complimentary upgrade which is becoming more difficult as front desk agents are upselling everything from a view to a safe to different type of room.

Expect early check-in to expand to other properties after Caesars’ works out any kinks they may find with this process.

Caesars Semi-Annual Sale In Las Vegas

Caesars Semi-Annual Sale
Caesars Semi-Annual Sale

Caesars semi-annual sales usually offer good prices on Vegas hotel rooms – especially if you don’t have a higher tier status with Total Rewards.

Here are links and approximate discounted prices (deepest discounts are for weekdays) for the Caesars Las Vegas hotels. The sale extends to Atlantic City and other markets if you’re looking to go elsewhere.

The Linq Las Vegas – Rates starting at $55/night
Bally’s Las Vegas – Rates starting at $45/night
Planet Hollywood Las Vegas – Rates starting at $50/night
Flamingo Las Vegas – Rates starting at $40/night
Harrah’s Las Vegas – Rates starting at $35/night
Rio Las Vegas – Rates starting at $35/night
Paris Las Vegas – Rates starting at $75/night
Caesars Palace Las Vegas – Rates starting at $90
Cromwell Las Vegas – Rates starting at $105/night

Reach Total Rewards Platinum, Diamond And Seven Stars Quicker

Total Rewards Cards
Old School Total Rewards Cards – Pulse of Vegas Blog

Caesars Entertainment is a mess with this whole bankruptcy thing. They claim everything will “be business as usual”. We’ll see about that. Caesars’ players club, Total Rewards, will likely change at some point but in theory it should remain in tact through bankruptcy.

In an effort keep customers flowing into its casinos Caesars is offering a pretty sweet Tier Credit promotion. Most players club promotions offer Reward Credits only. Those are the credit which that you use on goods like meals. Extra tier credits are a little more difficult to come by.

Tier credits are the credits that allow you to ascend to higher players club tiers like Platinum, Diamond And Seven Stars. The higher your tier status, the better the benefits you’ll receive from Total Rewards. Here’s an overview of those benefits. Note, if you’re Diamond or Seven Stars your resort fees will be waived.

Here are details on the promotion:

Through March 31st, 2015, we are giving you a 50% bonus on the first 50,000 Tier Credits you earn! So, you could walk away with up to 25,000 EXTRA Tier Credits to count towards your Tier Status, and we even started counting on January 1st.*

*Member must earn at least 1,000 Tier Credits by March 31, 2015 to be eligible for the promotion. 50% Tier Credit Bonus will be awarded on up to the first 50,000 Tier Credits earned from January 1, 2015 through March 31, 2015, for a maximum total bonus of 25,000 Tier Credits. Daily Tier Credit Bonuses will count toward the 50,000 Tier Credits maximum. Loyalty bonuses are not earned Tier Credits and thus, are not eligible for this promotion. Tier Credit Bonuses, including this promotion, do not count toward Reward Credit balance, promotional Tier Credit earnings, or qualifying for another daily bonus. Total Tier Credit Bonus amount awarded through this promotion will be calculated after March 31st, 2015 and will be posted to the Total Rewards account on April 15, 2015.

I wouldn’t gamble or spend more than normal to get the bump in tier status. VIP check-in, Diamond Lounges and waived resort fees are nice benefits but I don’t think they’re worth spending extra for.

That said, this is a useful promotion if you’re closing in on one of the upper tiers.

Total Rewards Should Be Fine When Caesars Files For Bankruptcy

Total Rewards Cards
Old School Total Rewards Cards

Caesars Entertainment has planned their bankruptcy for January. They’re still shuffling (or unshuffling) the deck chairs as they restructure their financials. As a customer you shouldn’t worry about reservations, Total Rewards or most business operations.

Caesars spokesman Gary Thompson couldn’t comment on the debt restructuring efforts but said that, if the company does go through bankruptcy, there wouldn’t be any change in the way properties are run. He said the Total Rewards program would remain intact as well.

This should be true. When Station Casinos emerged from bankruptcy back in 2011 their Boarding Pass players club remained in tact. The restructuring may have changed which properties the parent company owned but it didn’t affect most of the operations. If anything it’s safe to think that Total Rewards will change after bankruptcy like Boarding Pass did but it won’t just go away.

Things won’t be the same when Caesars emerges from bankruptcy but, based on this previous casino bankruptcy case, you shouldn’t have to rush and cash in your Total Rewards points.

If you take the Caesars spokesman at his word (you probably shouldn’t as it’s his job to spin things positively for his company) you have nothing to worry about with your Total Rewards account. That said, this isn’t guaranteed and Caesars has a fairly sketchy reputation (i.e. “we’re charging resort fees because you asked for them”).

If you’re concerned with your points then you should use them. If you’d like to use your Total Rewards points but can’t make it to a casino you can now use them to buy various non-casino related items. See more info here.

Photo: Pulse of Vegas Blog

Caesars Las Vegas Hotel Discounts

Caesar's las vegas hotel discounts
Is This The Real Caesars Palace?

I recently started to work with the Caesars Entertainment affiliate program again. The ads are for other sites and EDGe Vegas will remain ad free with the exception of these Caesars Las Vegas hotel discounts. I’ll add a section to the side bar when there are sales like there are now.

25% off hotels in Vegas ain’t no joke if you pay for rooms at a Total Rewards hotel. If I come across any singulars Las Vegas hotel discounts I’ll probably just share on twitter or Facebook. I don’t want this to become a discount travel blog.

At BLT Steak; No Wine, No Cocktails, No Service

Bone-In New York Steak From BLT Steak At Bally's Las Vegas
Bone-In New York

I’ve been looking forward to checking out BLT Steak at Bally’s since the great New York City steakhouse was first announced. Last night I finally got to dine at BLT Steak. Since the NYC location of BLT Steak was a favorite when I lived there I was hoping for the same in Las Vegas. Any positive thoughts I had of the food were erased by bad service.

I ordered the Bone-In New York steak. Besides the last, and most important, bite it was really good. I don’t like my steak being sliced for me since it normally loses juice and flavor. This steak was prepared well enough that the flavor wasn’t lost. The last bite was a very charred and too burned for my taste – and I like char. I was saving this piece for my last bite and was disappointed.

The hash brown side was bland but fine. The bacon and jalapeño corn was fantastic. The corn was smokey and a little spicy. The corn was the standout dish of dinner.

Now for the service issues.

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The Cromwell Has Total Rewards Logo On Its Chips

Total Rewards Chip At The Cromwell
$5 Chip At The Cromwell

I’ve never seen a casino players club logo on a chip at a casino before but there’s a first for everything. The chips at The Cromwell are sporting a Total Rewards logo on one side of the chip.

I don’t compliment Caesars often on their marketing efforts but this is great branding for their players club. I think we can expect other casinos to float this concept out the next time they introduce new chips.

Shout out to @AndyHughes128 for collecting chips and sharing this photo on twitter.

UPDATE: Evidently chips at The Quad have the TR logo.