Top Dollar: My Favorite Slot Machine

Top Dollar Slot Machine Bonus
Top Dollar Bonus

Over the years I’ve written about the original Top Dollar reel slot machines a lot. They’re by far my favorite slot machine and probably the game that got me into playing slot machines. Most 3 coin reel slot slot machines are boring but the loud and obnoxious bonus round totally fits what I like in a slot machine. Check it out.

If you search Top Dollar slot wins on YouTube you’ll notice that many of the people playing Top Dollar are loud and kind of obnoxious – just like the game. And like the Top Dollar slot machines everyone is having fun. When I get a bonus (see photo above) I’ll usually throw my hands in the air and dance a little.

When I was at Flamingo a few weeks ago I played this quarter game to start off my day of gambling. I like to ease into a day of gambling with a lower limits machine even though I prefer the $1 or $5 version of this game. I’m usually just not ready for human interaction and don’t like to risk much the first thing in the morning or afternoon.

These Top Dollar reel slot machines are slowly disappearing from casinos. New casinos opening don’t want the older machines and older casinos don’t want to seem old. There are new versions of Top Dollar but they aren’t as fun.

You won’t find this Top Dollar slot machine in the regular casino at Cosmopolitan or Downtown Grand and probably won’t find it when SLS Las Vegas opens. You may find Top Dollar in some of their high limits rooms though. You’ll also be able to find Top Dollar in larger casinos with sections of older machines like Flamingo or Mandalay Bay. Get em while you can!

Cosmopolitan Video Poker: There’s Nothing To See Here

I stopped off at Cosmopolitan for the first time since the summer to upgrade my Identity status and to see if my Identity Play was still there from a promotion I did in July. It was. The money was there – it stays on the account for 1 year. Since I had money on my card to use on a machine I went right to the vpFREE2 mobile site on my phone to see what video poker games were available to me.

I knew that the games were downgraded, but I found only one game under $5 to play.

BP (Bonus Poker) 1-2-3-4-5-7-25-40-80-50-800
25¢ – 1 Slant-top – 50 Play – just to the left of the high limit room
$1, $2 – 1 Play – scattered throughout casino

I know the Las Vegas strip doesn’t have the best video poker pay tables in town and this is what I expected after reading that the video poker machines were recently downgraded. Playing $1 machines that pay out 98% isn’t great. The quarter machines paid back at a 6/5 rate, which (I think) is about 96%.  Thankfully, I was lucky enough to win my Identity play back in cash then I left to play some quarter and penny slots that eventually took most of my winnings.

I normally play Jacks of Better (8/5 @ Cosmo) which pays back about 99+% (at full pay) so the 1 percent difference isn’t much on $100, but in time it adds up and most people prefer to play games that have better payouts. The way it looks is that slot machine payouts (~92%) aren’t much worse that video poker so I took my money and decided to have a little fun playing Top Dollar slots, which I’m a sucker for and will play again.

I believe that the quarter Bonus Poker paid out 8/6 when Cosmo opened, so this isn’t much of a change but this isn’t a reason to visit the Cosmo. If you’re a video poker player you can find some better games on the strip at lower denominations on the strip. Cosmo remains a place to go to eat, drink and be merry, but not necessarily a place to visit if you want to gamble. That said, I can get Kettle One when gambling, so that’s a plus on that side.


Gambling In Las Vegas – Slots

Last week I realized that I didn’t write up all of my gambling in Las Vegas.  I’d like to touch on slots here.  Video Poker was good to me and Slots were ok.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with slot machines and I’m closer to love right now, probably in the “like” zone.  I guess I like the highs and lows as well as the time spent without thinking.  I will play anywhere from penny slots to $5 slots.  Last year I even threw away money in a $25 slot after hitting getting a royal flush in video poker.

I’m an early riser and instead of staying in my room I will head out and grab a cup of coffee and get my day started.  The day usually starts with low limit slots.  Along with coffee, the bright lights and loud noises give the day a kick start.

To go along with a wide selection of coffee, the Palazzo had plenty of slots from me to choose from.  The casino, itself, is on the small side but there were plenty of morning slots (low limits) for me to choose from.

Millionaire Sevens was one of the obnoxious games I played.  The bonus round sends you to a multiplier ladder.  This was a penny slot and I walked away up $40.  Not bad!  I’ve only seen this once before in Atlantic City.  It’s in a corner by the Harrah’s Poker Bar.  There’s only one and it’s always being played.

It seems that the new thing in penny slots are layover screens.  Basically, the bonuses are laid over a reel slot.  Bonuses come up often to entertain and slow the bleed of money.  The games I played allowed me to choose a theme.  If I didn’t get a bonus after a few spins I’d switch themes, hopefully changing the RNG.  All of the games are loud and fun.  Jackpot Party may be the most fun and (loud) annoying of all the penny slots.

Another of the interchangeable games was Red Hot 7’s.  This became another favorite.

Overall I was about even on the penny slots, never going above my $20 per machine limit.  They did the job for me.  I played a few other $1 slots at Palazzo.  All were losers.  However, my trip to Aria proved fruitful.  All of the slot machines were new and I found a new $1 Top Dollar slot machine.  Top Dollar is a favorite.  I won a couple hundred dollars and walked out of Aria with a smile.

Up next…Video Poker