Crazy Wide Disparity In US World Cup Odds

US Men's Soccer Team
US Men’s Soccer Team

Earlier today Todd Fuhrman from Don Best, Fox Sports, etc. tweeted the odds for the US Men’s Soccer team to win the World Cup from various sportsbook operators. They were all over the place!

Each sportsbook caters their point spread and odds to their customer. You’ll generally find the sharpest odds at LVHCaesars and MGM cater mostly to tourists on the Vegas Strip who will not be the most savvy on soccer as much as they’ll want to support their country. It’s no surprise that the US soccer team odds are where they are.

Following smart people like @ToddFuhrman will help you learn about the sports betting industry. Leaning the clientele of each casino and sportsbook operator will go a long way to finding the best line value. Shopping around is always an important way to get the best value for your bets.

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New Sports Betting Blog: Todd’s Take

While browsing my twitter stream the other day I saw a tweet from someone to that pointed to a blog called Todd’s Take. The blog is from Caesars Entertainment’s Todd Fuhrman who is the company’s senior Race and Sports analyst. Basically, he’s the big dawg @ Caesars for sports betting.

In the past year, Todd has taken to twitter to offer opinions and advice and to help answer questions of amateur sports bettors like me (and probably you). Todd’s Take seems to be an extension of his tweets offering some deeper insight and opinion on sports match ups. The info is great and offers just more (smart) insight when evaluating the games. In fact, he’s making me feel better about taking the Tebow’s this week.

Here’s a little info about Todd from a (one of my favorite references) article.

“Todd Fuhrman is an intelligent and enthusiastic analyst whose passion for sports has made him an integral contributor to the Caesars Entertainment family sports book,” said Howard Greenbaum, (CET) regional vice president of specialty games.

“For every jackass in this industry, there’s a sharp, well-educated professional like Caesars senior race and sports analyst Todd Fuhrman ….” David Purdum –

Todd Fuhrman is the rare Vegas young gun with a college degree in International Economics. At 29, he was named senior race and sports analyst at Caesars this week. He broke into the business in 2005 as a financial consultant at Harrah’s. His passion for sports led him toward his current position. His personality and media savvy have vaulted him to the top.

Over the past year, I’ve tweeted a bunch with Todd. He’s always been willing to engage in sports talk. It’s always nice to be able to get some insight on sports betting from people that pay more attention than I do.

Check out @toddfuhrman

Check out Todd’s Take